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Ancient Chinese transportation?

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They_had:">They_had:">They had:Horses">Horses">HorsesChariots">Chariots">ChariotsWalking">Walking">WalkingBoats_and_ships">Boats_and_ships">Boats and shipsand_many_more%22>and_many">and_many_more">and manyAncient Chinese use a carriage that shaped like a box and two side are attach with a stick.Then there would be four peoples carries them to place they wanted to go. This transportation is very popular back then many anicent Chinese would use them for transportation to place and place and even for wedding, but the carriage would be red.
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What are some ancient Chinese transportations?

A rickshaw is one ancient form of chinese transportation. This is a cart pulled by a man, typically a poor one or a slave.

What did the ancient Chinese use for transportation?

Actually, ancient Chinese use a carriage that shaped like a box and two side are attach with a stick.Then there would be 4 people carries it for you. Hope that help you! :D thanks it helps a lot

Ancient Chinese Houses?

Ancient chinese houses were centers of government

How do ancient Chinese preserve dead bodies?

the ancient chinese helped

How did the ancient Chinese use the Yellow River?

The Chinese used the yellow river the same way they use any other river. For example they use rivers for transportation, agriculture and water to drink and bathe.

Did all ancient Chinese people do mummification?

Ancient Chinese never did mummification like the Ancient Egyptians.

What jobs did ancient Chinese farmers do?

The ancient Chinese farmers grew crops.

What did the ancient Chinese use matches for?

The Ancient Chinese used matches for Fireworks

What is an ancient Chinese word for the letter v?

English letters do not have Chinese words associated with them (not even in Ancient Chinese).

What represented zero in ancient Chinese numerals?

There was no zero in ancient Chinese numerals. The ancient Chinese number system was not a positional system, so there was no need for a zero.

What were some ancient Chinese holidays?

the ancient Chinese lunar solcist cerimony, party

List the inventions of ancient Chinese civilizations?

list the inventions of ancient Chinese civilization

Where did the ancient Chinese grow rice?

the ancient Chinese grew rice in rice fields.

What languages did the ancient Chinese speak?


Who used ancient Chinese coins?


What form of transportation did the Chinese use to come to America?

Contemporary transportation of the times: Ships.

What are some ancient Chinese cities?

ChangAn, JianYe, LuoYang are some ancient Chinese cities.

What was the role of ancient Chinese emperors?

Ancient Chinese emperors were military leaders and law makers.

What did the ancient Chinese think fossils where?

The ancient Chinese thought that dinosaur fossils were dragon skeletons.

Was ancient Chinese isolated from other ancient civilizations?

yes the Chinese were isolated from other civilizations.

What did the ancient Chinese think caused solar eclipses?

ancient Chinese believed it was caused by your mom

Where did the Ancient Chinese live?

The Ancient Chinese settled in north china plains and/or the yellow sea

How did ancient Chinese get there food and who got the food for the ancient Chinese people?

the ancient Chinese got there food from farming, hunting, and fishing because they live near many seas

Who were the Ancient Chinese warriors?

They were Chinese. Nice question.

Who wrote ancient Chinese writing?

Chinese people

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