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Another name for confederates during the American Civil war was rebels.

Yankees was another.

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What is the confederates name for the Battle of Antietam?

The Confederates called Antietam the Battle of Sharpsburg.

What is the name of the soldiers for the confederacy?

The Confederates called themselves "Confederates" or Confederate Soldiers". The Union slang for them was "Johnny Reb"

Name for Southern Soldiers?

Confederates - or Johnny Reb.

What is the official name of the battle of Sharpsburg?

Battle of Antietam. Official or not, many of the battles had different name by the Confederates. The Confederates usually named a battle with a nearby town and the Union would name it for the nearest river or other topographical feature.

Who won the bull run?

Confederates won both the battles of that name.

What is another name for french protestants?

French protestants were also called "les huguenots". The name origin could derive from German "eidgenossen", Confederates. That term is old-fashioned and used mainly when studying the religious wars.

Name for the South during the Civil War?

Rebels, Confederates, Dixie, or Dixieland

What was the south army name in the civil war?

The southern side was known as the Confederates.

What name did they give the state seceding from the union?

Confederacy. (Confederates when referring to individuals)

What was the name of the capital for the confederates?

It the thing of the thing on Europe The Confederates had three capitals. Their first capital city was Montgomery, Alabama, the second was Richmond, Virginia, and the third was Danville, Virginia.

Is confederate another name for Yankees?

No. In the US Civil War, confederates were known as rebels and northerners were known as Yankees. As far as the Civil War goes, the words confederate and Yankee would be considered antonyms.

What side was the Confederates on?

Basically, the Confederates were pro-slavery. They were in the South.

Were the confederates the north or south?

the confederates were the south the union was the north

What is the ISBN of Confederates in the Attic?

The ISBN of Confederates in the Attic is 067975833X.

What is the ISBN of Confederates novel?

The ISBN of Confederates - novel - is 0002221411.

What did the Union's victory lead to after the Confederates surrendered?

Abraham Lincoln died, the Union had another victory, and the slaves were freed.

How did the north name the major battles?

Usually after rivers and creeks, whereas the Confederates would name the same battles after the nearest town.

What was the name of the confederacy?

the name of the confederacy was "Delegates of the States" well actually that was the name of the confederacy under the articles of confederation. we're talking a whole different war. not the civil war, but the revolutionary war. the confederates fought the British and them came up with their own name. the second Confederacy was called the confederates. know your history before you post it!!

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Who were the confederates?

The Confederates were the Southern soldiers of the Confederate States in Colonial America.

A sentence with the word confederates?

many confederates helped protect the Alamo

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