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Another word for housewife?

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While it seems to me to be a poor choice to identify someone strictly by the sort of building they inhabit, or by close association with a particular structure, in some cases it is useful, such as Lighthouse-keeper.

When asked if they were housewives, many women would respond "I didn't marry a house". Women today have fully fledged careers that have very little to do with their houses. Being noted as a wife pleases some and irritates others who wish to be judged on a wider basis including accomplishments in business or sports, for example.

Here are some alternatives:

Lady of the House, Domestic Engineer, Mother, Mom, homemaker, family manager, home economist, home engineer, mistress of the house, wife and mother, woman of the house

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Is the word 'housewife' 1 word or 2?

house wife one word

How do you say housewife in German language?

The German word for housewife is Hausfrau

How do you pronounce housewife in Japanese language?

The Japanese word for housewife is Shufu (主婦)

What is the Hindi word of housewife?


The theme of the poem To Another Housewife?


What is another name or a housewife and Mother?


What is the opposite word of career woman?


What is the standard word for house wife?


What does the German word hausfrau mean?


What is the french word for 'housewife'?

an housewife is 'une femme au foyer' in French. The advertising world or sociologist may use 'une ménagère'.

What is the opposite word of housewife?

mallwife :p hahaha

What is another name for domestic engineer?

A domestic engineer is a housewife or homemaker.

What is another word for housewife used in the 1800s?

family manager, home economist, home engineer, homemaker, lady of the house, mistress of the house, wife and mother

What is the Greek word for housewife?

οικοκυρά (Ee-koh-cure-AH)

What do you call housewife in Hindi?


Whats a 9 letter word starts with H and ends in E?


Is housewife a common or proper noun?

The noun 'housewife' is a common noun, a general word for any female spouse whose occupation is caring for her family and running the household.

Can you give me an example sentence for the word domineered?

The word 'domineered' refers to one person bullying or intimidating another. An example of this term used in a sentence is, 'The large housewife domineered over her husband, who was a small, meek man.'

What is the opposite of housewife?

the opposite of housewife is perfisticable

What is a German housewife called?

Housewife = Hausfrau

What is another name for a housewife?

i asked my husband what they call housewives in india...he said "home minister"

Can a housewife receive disability?

if the housewife is disabled and unable to work

Was Mother Teresa's mother a housewife?

Yes, her mother was a housewife.

When was Diary of a Housewife created?

Diary of a Housewife was created in 2001.

What is 'She is a  housewife' when translated from English to Italian?

"She is a housewife!" in English is Lei è una casalinga!in Italian.

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