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Antagonist of twilight?

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Twilight: James and Victoria.

New Moon: Victoria, The Volturi.

Eclipse: Victoria, Riley, The Newborns and the Voluri.

Breaking Dawn: The wolfpack (disincluding Jacob, Leah and Seth), The Volturi.

The films: Kristen Stewart.

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Why is James a antagonist in twilight?

An antagonist is someone who opposes the protagonist and works against them. (The antagonist is the "bad guy" in the story.) So James is the antagonist because he tries to kill Bella, to protagonist.

Is Victoria good in the series Twilight?

No - Victoria is an antagonist throughout the books of the Twilight series, including Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

Who is the antagonist in twilight new moon?

It's Victoria and Laurent.

Who is the antagonist of Twilight?

Well, there are a series of antagonists. I mean, in the first book, James was an antagonist. In the second book, the Volturi are the antagonists, and in the third book, Victoria was the antagonist. We have yet to find out who the antagonist of the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, is.

Who is the final antagonist of The Twilight Saga in both book series and film series?

The volturi

Why is James the antagonist in the movie twilight?

He Wasnt trained like the cullens he drinks human blood thts why.

Why is Victoria the antagonist in the book twilight?

She's evil and tries to kill Bella. <3 CoPz LoVeR <3

Who are the Protagonist and Antagonist of Twilight?

Bella, Edward and all of the Cullens would be considered the protagonists. The Nomads, James in particular, are the antagonists.

Who is the protagonist and the antagonist of The Outsiders?

The protagonists in Twilight was Bella Swan, also Edward Cullen and the rest the Cullens also known as Esme, Rosaline, Carlisle, Emmet, Jasper, Alice. The antagonist is James, Victoria, and Laurent.

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Why are James and Victoria the antagonist of twilight?

because James was tracking for Bella and wanted to kill herwhile Victoria was helping James by searching for Bella's address in Phoenix

Is Jacob Black an antagonist in Twilight?

In answer to your question- no, Jacob Black is actually a protagonist. The antagonists in the saga are James, Victoria and her newborn army, and the Volturi. Some people may consider Rosalie an antagonist at times, but she really isn't considered one because of her reasoning behind it.

Why does antagonist want to harm protagonist?

If antagonist did not want to harm protagonist, he wouldn't be antagonist. His opposition to protagonist is what makes him antagonist.

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Who was Bellas tracker?

James is the main antagonist in Twilight, and is depicted as a merciless "tracker" vampire who hunts human beings or, in some cases, animals, for sport. He goes after Bella.

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