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cheAk the cranckshaft sensor if it's not a brocken or loose wire, main relay , ground to motor,I FIX MY 98 METRO 4CYL WHEN I FIX THE ARNESS FROM THE CRANCKSHAFT SENSOR.HOPE THIS HELP YOU

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Why when changing water pump on 2001 intrepid will not start. also changed timing chain and guides currently lost at this point any ideas or should i start at the fuel pump..............?

Double check the timing marks, maybe they are not lined up correctly after you changed the chain.

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why have scientists changed their ideas on the model of the atom

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i changed the insides of the dis. and now i got miss i took out the points and put elec. ing. so do you got any ideas. thanks

PLEASE Help 1991 jeep has spark and cranks but wont fire have replaced timing starter coil d-cap wires battery and filters has fuel pressure in the linerail but spark plugs are dry..ideas?

depending on what type of fuel delivery, check fuel injectors or tbi

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pls answer

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'The World has Changed'

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I dunnah

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differed ideas over the years

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Home water filters use simple chemical reactions on water passing through an activated material (such as carbon) to remove smaller impurities that physical filters can't catch.

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