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id number 0143820046754 key code 173112 i used it and it works so hope it helps!

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2009-07-05 00:41:42
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Q: Any codes for a furry friend on buildabearville used once?
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How do you delete a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

There is no way to delete your furry friend on Bearville. Once you register it onto your account, it's there forever.

How do you make furry friend happy in Build-a-Bearville?

How you make a furry friend happy is by feeding it lamb which you could find that in the school center. The lamb is hiding between the books, once you fed it lamb that should make your furry friend overly excited! Happy Bearfulday!!!!! <:D

Can you have recept codes for buildabearville please?

you can only use it once sorry correction the lady at the buildabearstore told me that you could use them up to 5 times so what now?

Does anyone have a code for a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

yes i do this works368h-8frc-gv3x if this doesn`t work email them ad they will send you a code.have funyou cannot actually get welcome codes off of other people as once one person has used the code no one else can use it either. my sister got a bear from the build a bear workshop and got an Animal ID and a Keycode to type in to get a furry friend. we decided that i would try the Animal ID and Keycode while trying to get my furry friend but i comes up as someone has already registered with that ID. hopes this helps abit.

What are some us coke codes for metarl - can someone tell me some so i can get some mps?

well my friend there is a problem! the codes are only allowed to be used once i had the same problem sorry! well my friend there is a problem! the codes are only allowed to be used once i had the same problem sorry!

What is the animal ID and key code for Lil bunny big ears?

Animal IDs and Key Codes for Build-A-Bears are not universal, meaning that they can only be used once. If you want a Lil Bunny Big Ears, it's best to purchase your own furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

How do you get into buildabearville?

Great question! First you will have to make an account. If you don't know how go to and ask a parent to help you make an account. Then type in your user-name and password. (You should probably write it down.) Then, choose any server that isn't full and then you are logged on! You can make new friends, and more! If you want a furry-friend and you have a welcome pass or birth certificate then put it in. First go to the babw then click on Champ. Enter the code. But remember, nobody will give you any codes that can't be used more than once. I really hope this'll help!!

How can you get a furry Friend Poster for your cub condo on build a bearville?

At the Pawforming Arts Centre outside the building, there is a photo booth. If you click in it you can get your avatar's picture taken, and also your furry friend's. It only costs 10 bear bills per picture, and once it's taken you can choose the option to turn it into a poster to hang in your Cub Condo. Hope this helped!

Can you buy minecraft twice on one account?

Once you have purchased Minecraft, you can buy gift codes from that account. You can give these gift codes to friends. Once they have been redeemed, a confirmation will appear at the bottom of your profile stating that your friend has used the code.

How do you get people in your town on Animal Crossing community?

You would have to trade your Animal Crossing Friend Codes by going to that person's profile and clicking the blue "Wi-Fi" button next to their username and avatar. Then, once they have accepted your friend code request, you can then go to "My Friend Codes" and find their friend code there and you will be able to wifi with each other by adding the friend code to your game.

What are codes for sc that hasn't expire?

Unfourtunatly they are none once u use one they expire :/ friend me to im stella spiritmeado1

Do guinea pigs get loney?

Not usually, as long as you keep it in a place open to human activity. They respond to humans actions well. Make sure you continue to hold your furry friend at least once a day.

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