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Any idea where the heater fuse is on a 93 Toyota sr5?

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if it is anything like an 87, try removing the glovebox and look back to the left, toward the center console.

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The heater doesn't turn on in my 1986 Jeep Cherokee any ideas?

check the fuse or the ground on the heater

The heater has stopped working in your vauxhall movano van any ideas its not the fuse?

If you look under the passenger side dashboard you will find the heater motor ,attached to the motor is a fuse,check to see if the fuse is connected , or just replace the fuse , it worked for me.

Where is the fuse for the heater and CD player in Honda prelude 1988 need to change because no power to heater?

The fuse for the heater and the CD player in Honda Prelude 1988 can be found using?æa fuse diagram. The diagram is available online and can be found by looking for '1998 prelude fuse panel diagram' on any search engine.

Heater blower on 1985 abrubtly stopped working -- Any suggestions - Checked main fuse boxes - no blown fuse - Is there a heater fuse located somewhere other than in fuse box under dash on drivers side?

if i remember correctly there is a heater fuse behind the glove box. you need to pull the glove box to find it.

What could be wrong with a 1986 Toyota Celica heater fan that won't work on any speed?

Is the fuse blown? Are all the electrical wires to the switch connected? A new unit from an auto wrecker shouldn't be expensive.

Peugeot 406 Lx cigarette lighter not working Any idea what fuse number it is?

Fuse no 23 20 amps

Does the trunk light bulb in a 1995 Toyota Avalon look like a fuse and who has them?

Yes it does resemble a fuse and any auto parts store will have them in stock.

What size fuse do you need kor a 3kw heater?

A 3000 Watts heater typically uses a 13 Amp fuse in its socket. 13 Amps is an accepted fuse rating because it can allow high power usage but will be secure enough to cut out any over-voltage that can damage an item.

Heater blower on Renault Scenic abrubtly stopped working - Any suggestions - Checked main fuse boxes - no blown fuse - Is there a heater fuse located somewhere other than in fuse box under das?

The blower motor resistor assembly is located under dash on passenger side.

Where do you find a Fuse panel diagram for a Toyota truck?

in a shop manual available in any parts store.

Your heater blower does not work on your 2000 cougar There is power to the blower motor Any ideas?

fuse or relay most likely

Your air conditioning fan and heater both stopped working any suggestions?

Check for blown fan motor fuse.

1995 GMC Van Any idea why motor intermittently dies when heater turned on?

there is a vacumm leak .

How do you replace the cruise control fuse on 1998 Ford Contour?

I have the same question i need to find the Relay... anybody have any idea where it is located?, its outside both fuse boxes i know that much, no idea where from there. Thanks

Where is the ac - heater fan fuse on a 2003 Toyota Echo?

It is not a fuse. It is a relay switch located in the same location as the fuses - it is next to the right fender if you are facing the front of the vehicle and looking under the hood. The fuse box is clearly labeled and any beginner can replace the relays because they are easy to plugin and unplug. On my 2000 Echo, I think fan blower relay #1 was out so I replaced the relay that was labeled as such. The underside of the fuse box cover clearly labels each relay in the fuse box.

Where is the fuse for air conditioner relay in a 2002 Toyota corolla?

Its in the bannana. It is also located in apples or any kind of fruit

Honda civic 94 heater fan not working?

Check the fan fuse. If the fan does not work on any speed then the most likely cause is either a blown fuse or a bad blower motor.

Toyota aygo air bag light wont go off any suggesttions please?

Look in your manual and find the part with fuse location . Find the fuse for airbag and change it .

Just bought a 1994 Toyota Tercel but has a fuse problem and has to be replaced daily any ideas?

You don't mention which fuse burns out, but look in that circuit for a chafed wire that is rubbing against metal.

What does 100 amp fuse on Toyota Camry do?

It runs everything except the starter. If this fuse is blown, you will not have any power to the dash, power windows, radio, etc. Remove the fuse from it's holder and UNBOLT it. Any part store has um for arounf 5 bucks. It's an easy fix.

Words that have to do with fire?

Pyro, pyromania, burning, melting, exploding, fireworks, candles, electricity, fuse, spark, heater, fireplace, any of these could count...

What is the fuse amp number for a fuel filter in a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

Filters are passive devices, they are notpart of any eletrical circuit. If you meant fuel pump, the fuse for the EFI system is 15 amps.

How do you turn off airbag light on 1990 Toyota Celica?

More than likely the fuse has blown. Find the fuse for the air bag it may be labled "SRS" for suplementary restraint system. Pull the fuse to see if it has blown, there should not be any black in the middle of the fuse. If it is blown replace it with the same amperage fuse.

How do you replace a fuse on the Toyota Corolla?

Depend on which one you want to replace, and why need to replace? It blew out...? Usually it last almost for ever or the life of the car. But if any one blew out, it must be a broken wire that use that fuse. Any way just pull out the one need to be replace and plug in the new one at the same rate to place. If it blow out again; it has a broken wire that touch ground. So it's good idea to check its wire before replace new fuse.

Your 2002 Toyota Camry does not start or makes any noise when turning the key?

Do you have lights? If not, you r battery is probably discharged. I guess there could be a problem with the starter circuit. I believe this has a fuse in the underhood fuse block.

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