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rayquaza and giratina

ok i got both which of those do you have? my fc is 2536 1210 7552
anyone else got any of those?

I got a Deoxys and I'd want a Hipmontop

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โˆ™ 2009-11-29 19:38:48
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Q: Any one have a darkrai Deoxys arceus or mew for trade if so what would you want?
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Who would win Darkrai or deoxys?

i am not sure because well if deoxys can beat rayquaza and darkrai can also then maybye darkrai can give deoxys a nightmere and deoxys will lose

Who would win arceus or Darkrai?


Does anybody has a deoxys darkrai mew arceus shaymin jirachi to trade so i can put it in daycare so i can get one to then i will give your Pokemon back My friencode is 3525 4392 2876?

lol you cant put legendarys in daycare they wont breed if they would breed than i would breed my shiny mew and trade one to everyone sorry.):

Are there many people on diamond and pearl WiFi that have rare Pokemon like mew celebi jirachi deoxys phione manaphy darkrai shaymin and arceus that are willing to trade them?

some people have them although they are from Nintendo events and would probably only trade them for a high level, other Nintendo event Pokemon, or a shiny Pokemon.

Does anybody want to trade a deoxys for a starter?

i would like to trade for a torchic if i had a deoxys

Will anybody trade you a Arceus you have Darkrai entei Suicune Rayquaza kyogre grudon?

if you go on the Pokemon d/p boards on id imagine there would be no problem trading... on top of everything, nearly all arceus' are hacks

Would anyone like to trade a mew or Mewtwo or darkai my code is 5070 5195 0623 and my name is Brandon?

I have a mew and a mewtwo, and I can trade it to you, they are Lv 100. if you have a huntail, a gorebyss, a deoxys or a arceus to trade for them I'll trade it to you. so if you are interested say it to me my friend code is 1075 9536 2250. bye

I Want a Darkrai or Regigigas or Deoxys Normal Form what would someone trade for?

My name is Amanda and I would give you my deoxys for a swello.P.S you can find a swello near that hotel next to pastoria city with pokeradar. My internet does not work with my Ds Lite But im getting Dsi soon can you wait till about august 15th ?

What is the most powerfull Pokemon from the games?

i would have to say darkrai, arceus or giratina, i should know i have them all

Can anyone trade a Arceus with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299?

2492-0648-1128 is my fc and I would like a tangrowth . Trade with me at 5:00pm on may 10th so I can trade you my ARCEUS (Gasps, clapping fainting, screaming, Hip hip hooooooray!!!!!!!)idiot.... ill trade u my arceus for a darkrai it level 100 and has judgement, roar of time,spacial time and shadow forcewhat is that website anyway??

Pokemon soul silver anyone willing to trade an arceus mew or darkrai for a celebi phione or any starter?

Not me because i have an action replay so i can get Any Pokemon . But probably some won who does not and have won they would i don't know.

Would Anyone Be Willing To Trade Latias Latios Kyogre and Deoxys?

no but ill trade a ditto

How do you catch deoxys on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can't catch it in soulsilver (unless theres some cheat for it) you would need to either trade or migrate to get it. it is possible that there may be an event to get this Pokemon but that's as likely as an event to get arceus.Well, that's a likely figure! As far as my research, there is an Arceus event, and likely, also, to have a Wi-Fi event for Deoxys.I must have pure luck because Icaught a shiny Lv 87 deoxys atmt moon on soul silver

Do you get any more Legendary Pokemon besides LugiaMoltresArticuno and Zapdos?

Yes, you can also get regigigas,arceus, others you have to use an action replay or transfer Pokemon from othter games Others would be Ho-oh, Darkrai, Deoxys, Reyquaza, Groudon and many more Note:you can get palkia or dialga depending on what version oyu have

Will any body trade you in Pokemon Pearl. I will give you Lugia for Arceus.?

I have an arceus on lv. 99 I would be more than happy to trade it to you for a lugia! E-mail at if you are interested in makeing that trade

How do you get Arceus i Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokémon SoulSilver the only way to get Arceus is to trade the Arceus from the event that happened in 2009 over into SoulSilver or HeartGold, the event is no longer active so if you didn't get one then you would have to wait for the next Arceus event or you could use a cheating device in order to cheat for it. Or just trade it from Diamond and Pearl.You get it from a trade.

How do you catch Deoxys WITHOUT game shark or nintindo event?

It is impossible think of it you cant cath arceus without events or a.r.p DS the strongest for DS games so why would you be able to get deoxys(the strongest for GBA then.EXACLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Want A Deoxys What would some one trade for in platinum?

a event Pokemon

Where do you get Deoxys in soul-silver?

I would suggest the Global Trade Station. Deoxys is an event pokemon and the event has long since passed

Pokemon diamond Arceus flute with action reply?

i would trade you it i have ten of those arceus is you go to that eifi thing i have an arceus and i need a manphy and a ditto to make phione

How do you get Arceus with no cheats in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You would have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. There is no in game Arceus in Heart Gold or Soul Silver.

Would a Rayquaza lv 100 be a good trade for a Deoxys?

It depends if you have more then one Rayquaza. If you have one, it is a bad trade.

How do you get a shiny Deoxys in Pokemon platinum?

There are a few ways that you could get a shiny Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum. One way would be to get someone who has hacked one to trade.

Is Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To get an Arceus in Soulsilver or Heartgold, you needed to download it at an event, otherwise you would have to use codes or trade from another game.

Will someone trade you an Arceus?

will someone trade u for an arceus? duh,its the strongest Pokemon that ever exsested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be happy to but you have to give me a darkri. my friend code 1764 4480 3570 hello are you there i am give you a arceus here lets trade at five pm onjuly 21 2011 if someone trades me an arceus ill trade a meganium, shiny sprite Gyarados and Entei.... please reply