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The best tip I can give if you have one teenager, is let them bring a friend! Our oldest daughter is 16. She was a real pill last year, but brought a friend this year, and was very pleasant to be around. Also, I felt more comfortable cutting the two of them loose for a few hours, than when my daughter was alone. We felt very comfortable letting the girls use Disney transportation on their own, and going to a movie at Pleasure Island or the Rain Forest caf

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Q: Any tips for Walt Disney World with teens?
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Disney can get expensive quickly if you're not careful, especially with a family of four. The Mouse realizes that Disney can be a hard place to get to in a difficult economy so now there's packages being offered by Disney itself that include a college style dining package, staying at an inexpensive resort on property and tickets to Disney at reasonable prices. Check for rates and tips on the best times to travel.

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Get Disney Channel Auditions by email each week FREE! go to and enter your email for casting directors to contact you. Official online home of Disney Parks Talent Casting. We hold auditions all over the globe to cast the finest performers in the best theme park entertainment in the world. What is a Disney Audition like? Go to - You can also go to for tips on how to become a star