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Anyone who served with 1st Army 61st Combat Engineers in Belgium in World War 2 please make contact?

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Hello, My father, James Di Salvo, served with the 61st Combat Engineer Batallion in Belgium. He spent time in Dolhane Belgium with a local family and several other soldiers who were housed there just previous to the Battle of the Bulge. Would be interested to hear from any veterans who may have served with my father. We have many letters and some photographs.

2008-05-11 03:52:01
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When was Singapore Combat Engineers created?

Singapore Combat Engineers was created in 1967.

Do marine combat engineers build airports?

Only if the Army Corp of Engineers is unavailable for it. Generally combat engineers are busy performing demolitions or assault bridging.

Can Combat Engineers be issued Combat Infantry Badges?

No. You must actually hold an 11 series (Infantry) Primary MOS while in a combat zone to be awarded a CIB. Combat Engineers get awarded the CAB (Combat Action Badge) for instances of direct contact with the enemy. The only engineers eligible for the CIB are those who hold the 18C - Special Forces Engineer Sergeant - MOS; all Special Forces personnel, with the exception of medical personnel, are eligible for the CIB.

What bases do army combat engineers get assigned to?

As engineers support combat arms directly, they can be stationed pretty much anywhere combat arms units are to be found... that would be any major installation.

What is the motto of Singapore Combat Engineers?

Singapore Combat Engineers's motto is 'Advance and Overcome'.

What Unit was the 1341st Combat Engineers with before serving at Saipan and Tinian with the 4th Marine Division?

I believe the 1341st Combat Engineers was created when the 34th Combat Engineer Battalion reorganized on 26 April 1944

What is information on the 148th Combat Engineers in World War 2?

The 146th Combat Engineers hace an association. They can be reached at this web address and scrolling down to locate their unit.

What did military combat engineers do in World War 2?

For more info on combat engineers, please visit our site at Our site is still new, but you will find info on "What Combat Engineers Did?" right on our History Page. We are adding info all the time, so please drop by. Thanks, Marion

Do combat engineers carry guns?

Yes, they do- and use them quite well.

What are the release dates for Weaponology - 2007 US Combat Engineers 2-10?

Weaponology - 2007 US Combat Engineers 2-10 was released on: USA: 3 February 2008

Where were the major areas of combat World War 1?

Belgium and France

What unit if any of the US Army saw combat in all of North Africa Sicily Italy France Belgium and Germany?

The 36th Engineer Combat Regiment saw combat in all that you list except Belgium. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Did Engineers attached to infantry squads during the War engage in active combat?


What is the difference between USMC and USARMYs combat engineers?

Since the Marines are the first in, the USMC engineers must provide demolition, maintenance, repairs, and construction to have the theater combat ready when the fighting troops arrive. The Army engineers provide the same service after the Marines are gone and the Army has taken over the military operations.

When were the first combat aircraft used?

The first combat aircraft were used in World War 1 over the battlefields of northern France and Belgium.

What battle took place with the 111th engineers combat battalion August 25th 1944 in France?


History of 149th combat eng Co A?

The 149th Combat Engineers were part of the Army Corp of Engineers. They took part in the invasion of Normandy in 1944, removing the dead, performing road maintenance, and clearing mine fields. The involvement of Companies A and B were integral to the success of the invasion.

Does 37th Engineer Battalion have Sappers?

US combat engineers call themselves sappers, so yes the 37E has sappers. That answer isn't necessarily true. Not all Combat Engineers are considered "Sappers." There is actually a "Sapper" school, which is sort of the "Ranger" school for Combat Engineers. Yes, there ARE Sappers in the 37th Engineer Battalion but only because they have sent people to Sapper School, which is also located at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, just like the Combat Engineer AIT training. Trust me, I was there. I also was in the 37th Engineer Bn. and I went to Sapper School.

Is there anyway to get unbanned on combat arms?

Edit: This user's reply was a malicious attempt to gain your Combat Arms® Account. The only way I could suggest is to contact Nexon directly, and you must NEVER give anyone your Username and Password, as they will never ask you for that to verify your account.

What u.s. army division in World War 2 included the 1259th combat engineers?

8th Infantry Division

What percentage of the military is combat arms?

Actual combat arms (infantry and of the like, ie combat engineers, machine gunners, assaultmen, special ops...etc) 8-12%. Most of the military is support, logistics and operations (maintenance, drivers, admin...etc)

What is infantry field artillery?

Infantry and field artillery are two of the combat arms of the US army. Infantry are foot soldiers, and field artillery are easily movable cannon. Other combat arms include cavalry, armor, combat engineers, coast artillery, and signals.

Where was the battlefield of World War I?

Although global in combat, the countrysides of France and Belgium were the main battlefields for American soldiers.

Where can you find unit history of the 381st Combat Engineers Battalion of World War 2?

I have a copy of the unit history of the 381st Engineer Combat Battalion in my library. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Is fencing considered a combat sport?

A combat sport is a competitive contact sport where two combatants fight against each other using certain rules of engagement, in order to simulate actual combat. So yes, fencing is a combat sport.