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For more info on combat engineers, please visit our site at Our site is still new, but you will find info on "What Combat Engineers Did?" right on our History Page. We are adding info all the time, so please drop by. Thanks, Marion

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Q: What did military combat engineers do in World War 2?
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What is information on the 148th Combat Engineers in World War 2?

The 146th Combat Engineers hace an association. They can be reached at this web address and scrolling down to locate their unit.

Do women in war fly helicopters in combat?

There are several military forces around the world which have had female combat pilots.

What percentage of us military members saw combat in world war ii?


Did you have to go to war to be a veteran?

No. Just serving in the military service (honorably), makes them a "military veteran." Serving in a combat zone makes them a combat/war veteran.

Did Engineers attached to infantry squads during the War engage in active combat?


What is military infantry with a military dog called?

The world's militaries use war dogs for many purposes in combat, such as scouting, tracking, and sentry duty.

How many Americans were killed during World War II?

There were 418,500 American military and civilian deaths as a result of combat and repression during World War II.

How many us soldiers saw combat in World War 2?

The number of Americans who served in the military during World War II was 16 million. The number who actually saw serious combat has been estimated to be 999,000 or fewer.

Where can you find unit history of the 381st Combat Engineers Battalion of World War 2?

I have a copy of the unit history of the 381st Engineer Combat Battalion in my library. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What is a veteran of war?

A US Military Serviceman who served in a combat zone.

Who were the winners of the World War 2 Victory Medal?

Any one who honorably served in the military in a combat region during the war was authorized a Victory Medal.

During world war 1 African American military men served primarily in?

Segregated, non-combat support units.

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