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What did military combat engineers do in World War 2?

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For more info on combat engineers, please visit our site at Our site is still new, but you will find info on "What Combat Engineers Did?" right on our History Page. We are adding info all the time, so please drop by. Thanks, Marion

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What is information on the 148th Combat Engineers in World War 2?

The 146th Combat Engineers hace an association. They can be reached at this web address and scrolling down to locate their unit.

Do women in war fly helicopters in combat?

There are several military forces around the world which have had female combat pilots.

What percentage of us military members saw combat in world war ii?


What u.s. army division in World War 2 included the 1259th combat engineers?

8th Infantry Division

Did you have to go to war to be a veteran?

No. Just serving in the military service (honorably), makes them a "military veteran." Serving in a combat zone makes them a combat/war veteran.

Did Engineers attached to infantry squads during the War engage in active combat?


How many Americans were killed during World War II?

There were 418,500 American military and civilian deaths as a result of combat and repression during World War II.

How many us soldiers saw combat in World War 2?

The number of Americans who served in the military during World War II was 16 million. The number who actually saw serious combat has been estimated to be 999,000 or fewer.

Where can you find unit history of the 381st Combat Engineers Battalion of World War 2?

I have a copy of the unit history of the 381st Engineer Combat Battalion in my library. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Who were the winners of the World War 2 Victory Medal?

Any one who honorably served in the military in a combat region during the war was authorized a Victory Medal.

During world war 1 African American military men served primarily in?

Segregated, non-combat support units.

What is a veteran of war?

A US Military Serviceman who served in a combat zone.

How many American military died in World War 1?

Approximately 405,000. This was 275,000 combat deaths, and 130,000 non-combat deaths. These were aircraft crashes, vehicle crashes, and other accidents.

What was not military technology used extensively for the first time in world war l?

While the assembly line was used in the production of military goods, it is most commonly referred to as an innovation outside of combat and military pursuits.

What were the effects of gas attacks in World War 2?

Gas attacks on military forces during combat were not commonly used during World War 2. One of the few fronts was in China by the Japanese.

What is the Mark 1 tank?

It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1 It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1

What word that describe the word war?

The word war as a verb: fight, combat, battle. The word war as a noun: battle, fights, struggle, combat, conflict. The word war as a adjective: martial, military, battle.

What policies did the War Department lay out for Black participation in the military during World War 2?

african Americans would be kept segregated and serve mainly in non-combat units

Where was the war of World War 2?

As the name "World War" suggests, it involved most of the world. Major areas of combat included Europe, Africa, Asia, with some combat in North and South America.

If you were in the military during 2001 does that make you a war veteran?

If you served in a combat zone yes. If not, you are a war era veteran.

How many American have died in combat since world war 1?

How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator

Is military veterans the correct term for those who fought in the war?

Well, those who fought in a war are going to be military veterans. However, not all military veterans fought in a war. The term typically used is combat veterans.

What weapons Were Used In The Military For The First Time In World War 1?

Machine guns (automatic), tanks, poison gas, airplanes used for aerial combat were used in the military for the first time in WW I

How many military deaths where there in World War 2?

How Many Military Deaths Where There In World War Two ? :)

Who was an American woman soldier who died in world war 2?

As far as I know there weren't any. The Russians had women in combat roles, but I do not think the US did. Sorry, there were women in the US military, but not in combat roles is what I was trying to say....