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The only countries that have been to all Summer Olympics are Australia, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Greece. Since the first Winter Olympics in 1924 only Switzerland, France and Great Britain have take part in each Winter Games. So three nations have competed at all Summer and Winter Olympics - Switzerland, France and Great Britain.

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Q: Apart from Greece what is the only other nation to have participated at every Olympic Games of the modern era?
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Which nation other than Greece has participated in every olympic games of the modern era?


What is the only nation for which athletes have always competed for their own national team at the modern Olympic games?


Apart from Greece what other nation has particpated at every Olympic games of the modern era?

Great Britain, Italy, and Switzerland.

What nation will lead the olympic parade 2012?


Which country leads the march past at every Olympic games?

Greece is given the privilege as she is the nation where modern Olympics was held for the first time.

Does Greece have electricity?

Yes, it is a modern nation.

Which country leads the March Past during the opening ceremony in Olympics?

Greece leads the march past at every Olympic games. Greece is given the privilege as she is the nation where modern Olympics was held for the first time.

Which nation always leads the olympic parade at the opening ceremony and why?

Greece because it is the birthplace of the olympics

What is the evolution of leadership in Greece?

For the history of the modern nation-state, see History of modern Greece. ..... in what became the Chremonidean War, after the Athenian leader Chremonides.

What nation hosted 2 Olympic games over a century apart?

Greece. The 1896 Summer Games and the 2004 Summer Games were both held in Greece.

Why do nation participate in the olympic relay?

The Olympic Flame is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. The fire was reintroduced at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, and it has been part of the modern Olympic Games ever since. In contrast to the Olympic flame proper, the torch relay of modern times which transports the flame from Greece to the various designated sites of the games had no ancient precedent and was introduced by Carl Diem at the controversial 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

How many countries competed in the first modern olympic games in 1896?

At the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896 there were 14participating nations ; Greece (host nation), Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

Is Greece a developed or developing nation?

Greece is a developed nation

How many countries participated in Olympics 2012?

204 nations were invited to come. Two nations are competing under the olympic flag, they are counted as one in the nation count.

How is the olympic torch transported to each countrythat lies between Greece and the host nation?

It is taken on a train and lifted off by a machine

Was Greece a nation that had one national set of rules?

Ancient Greece was a number of independent city-states that had no communal laws or governance. They saw each other as similar peoples who spoke similar languages, but not one nation. Modern Greece is a unitary republic. While there are subdivisions and territories, modern Greece has consistently had one set of national laws.

How many nations have in Greece?

Greece is one nation. There is no other nation in it.

What 3 national flags are raised during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games?

The flags of the current host nation, the flag of the nation where the Games will next be held, and that of Greece (where the Games originated).

Would Greece count as a city-state?

Ancient Greece would be considered a large number of independent and semi-independent city-states, but Modern Greece is a nation-state, a republic. Modern city states include places like Vatican City, Monaco, Liechtenstein, or Nauru.

Which country lead march past in olympic game?

greece is the country that leads the march past because it is the nation where olympics were first held

What is the order of the athletes as they enter the olympic stadium?

Greece enters first, honouring the origins of the Olympics. They are followed by every competing nation in alphabetical order. The team of the host nation enters last.

Which nation has never participated in a cricket test match?


Which country marched first in the London Olympics?

According to Olympic tradition, Greece marches first and the host nation, Great Britain in 2012 enters last.

Is greece a free nation?

YES. Greece is a Parliamentary Republic.

What happens to the Olympic Torch during the off years?

I assume you mean the olympic flame. The flame burns constantly at Olympia in Greece, when its time for the games a torch is lit, sent on a relay and the individual flame in the host nation is lit, and then extinguished