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A diverse group of (prokaryotes), sometimes called the archaea and considered a major group unto themselves.

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What do you call simple multicellular living things?


How do archaebacteria reproduce?

Archaebacteria reproduce asexually: by division, budding, or fragmentation.Miosis is not part of the reproductive processes for archaebacteria. They are also unicellular.

What does archaebacteria contain?

Archaebacteria contains a lot of bacteria also have excretion of cows . also have a little bit o American cheese.... is deliciussYOU HAVE TO EAT ARCHAEBACTERIA IF YOU WANT TO BE A COW.Sorry writer one, but this answers really isn't right. Archaebacteria contain chloroplasts. :] (And I love cows! MOO!)

How are archaebacteria further classified?

it depends on their shape, if they are round they are called roundia of they are in lumps they are call orbihsa

What existed first on earth eukaryotic or prokaryotic cell?

Prokaryotic cell, likely what we call a archaebacteria.

Is borrelia burgdorferi archaebacteria or eubacteria?


Are archaebacteria autotrophs or heterotrophs?

Archaebacteria are heterotrophs

Are archaebacteria unicellular or multicellular?

The archaebacteria are unicellular.

What is the common name for the Archaebacteria kingdom?


Is archaebacteria anaerobic or aerobic?

Archaebacteria is anaerobic.

What is a cell type of a archaebacteria?

Archaebacteria are prokaryotic.

What is archaebacteria where does it live and what it feeds on or produces?

Archaebacteria lives in the bottom of the ocean. Archaebacteria lives in the bottom of the ocean.

How long has archaebacteria been on earth?

how long has archaebacteria been on earth? how long has archaebacteria been on earth?

What is economic importance of archaebacteria?

Archaebacteria (1) Methane gas is produced from the dung of ruminants by the methanogens. (2) Methanogens are also involved in the formation of biogas and sewage treatment.

Number of cells in archaebacteria?

there is 15 cell in the archaebacteria

Eubacteria vs archaebacteria?

Archaebacteria is older. :D

Is kingdom Archaebacteria a prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Archaebacteria are prokaryotic.

How is archaebacteria helpful?

Archaebacteria is helpful in various ways. They are part of the nitrogen and carbon cycles, some of them help in digestion in the gut, they are also used for sewage treatment among others.

Is archaebacteria harmful or helpful?

Archaebacteria can be both helpful and harmful.

How does eubacteria differ from kingdom archaebacteria?

Eubacteria has peptidoglycan and Archaebacteria Does Not.

What is one kind of archaebacteria?

one kind of archaebacteria is the methanogens

Archaebacteria eat what?

Archaebacteria may eat other bacteria.

What is the difference from archaebacteria and eubacteria?

Archaebacteria are unicellular and eubacteria are multicellular.

What are the organisms in archaebacteria?

The organisms in archaebacteria is methanogens,halophiles and thermoacidophiles.

What kingdom does the archaebacteria belong to?

They have their own kingdom called Archaebacteria.