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No. Africa has over 50 different nations, so people in Africa will have all sorts of nationalities. The United States of America is just one country. People in the USA could be American and/or a citizen of one of the many African countries.

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What nationality celebrates Kwanzaa?

Africans and African Americans

What is the nationality of Trinidad?

Trindadian is the nationality of people from the island of Trindad.Mostly Africans live in Trinidad people.

Are Ethiopians Caucasians?

Most are Black Africans, not Caucasians, but it depends on the person. A nationality is not a race.

Which nationality gets the wettest vagina before sex?

Hispanic. @Latry

What did the law accomplish?

the law helped the africanamericans to get the right to vote.

In cameroun what nationality are you?

The same nationality you are anywhere else.

Are Hebrews and Africans the same?

no the hebrews are from the seed of shem ,the africans or hamites are from ham.

The nationality of Switzerland?

All citizens of Switzerland have the same nationality - Swiss.

Do the horses in the Olympics have to be of same nationality?

The nationality of the horse is really not important.

What is the nationality of Switzerlands?

All citizens of Switzerland have the same nationality - Swiss.

African Americans rights?

how did AfricanAmericans rights change before, during, and after reconstruction?

Are Egyptians and Africans the same?

They are the same in some things but they are not the same in others.

Do africans have more muscles?

No. Africans have the same number of muscles as any other race.

Do africans drink coffees?

Africans drink about the same amount of coffee as other nationalities.

Is Canadian nationality and American nationality is same?

No because they are two different countries. Just like Chinese nationality is different than Japanese nationality.

In Lethal Weapon 2 we discover that bad guys of what nationality killed Victoria Riggs Martins wife?

South Africans

What is south Africa's nationality?

Um I think we're known as South Africans. Just like Americans come from the USA

How do africans use horses?

The same way we do!

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was important because it allowed?

AfricanAmericans to gain equal rights

Are nationality and ethnicity the same thing?


Why did Africans engage slavery?

The same as Europeans ,for profit.

What is the meaning of nationality of a ship?

The same thing as nationality usually means. It is the country that the object in question calls home.

What is New Zealand nationality of the people considered?

Our nationality is New Zealander. The same as in America they are American and in Australia they are Australians.

Are black people always the victim?

No, that is stereotypical. Africans are not always the victim and Africans are not always the suspect. Same goes for all races.

Are African and African Americans the same people?

No. Africans are people that live in, or were from Africa. African Americans are Americans that that are descended from native Africans.