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yes they are. Sioux actually are The Great Sioux nation, and lakota is just a one tribe from it, and they are located in the Dakota's


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Lakota Sioux. It was a dialect of Sioux. I know because I am leaning to speak Lakota Sioux.

The inuit/Eskimo, and the Sioux/Lakota

well hte indians are the lakota or sioux indians

they played the game called crouquet.

The Sioux Indians consisted of the Lakota and Dakota. They decorated the leather of their clothing with beads, painted their tents, and performed dances.

what is my Lakota name;decedant of Lakota Sioux and proud of my heritage.

long cold winters, with very hot summers

The Lakota/Sioux Indians fought George Custer

They encountered with the Missouris, the Omahas, the Yankton Sioux, and the Teton Sioux (Lakota) in the first season of exploring.

The Sioux Indians are actually broken up into 3 different groups: the Dakota, the Lakota, and the Nakota. Most of them were not farmers or hunters, but led a nomadic life. I know for sure that the Lakota followed their main source of food around, the buffalo.

It was used to protect the people from harm. The Sioux Indians thought it was a magical power to keep them safe.

To say "please" in Lakota Sioux is as follows: Yé / Ičhé

There is no such word in Lakota.

There is no such word in Lakota.

The Lakota Sioux lived in southeast Montana, northeast Wyoming, northeast Colorado, the northwest tip of Kansas, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

There were many Sioux (Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota) Native Americans. Among these were Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Olympic star Billy Mills.

Grandmother in Lakota Sioux is Uchee. The way you say my grandmother is Mee Ucheewayekee.

in Lakota Sioux it is TEHILA IT A

Lakota people spoke Lakȟótiyapi, also referred to as the Lakota Language, Lakhota, Teton or Teton Sioux. It is a Siouan language still spoken by the Lakota people of the Sioux tribes.The Lakota language has approximately 2,000 speakers living mostly in northern plains states of North Dakota and South Dakota.Virtually all Lakota speak English as their primary language today.

The Lakota term for an otter is ptan.

how do you say hope in lakota sioux

why were the Sioux forced off there land

The Lakota (Sioux) were ancient enemies of the Crow. The two tribes had been at war for many years, mainly over hunting territory.

Don't ask.Don't ask.The Lakota, or western Sioux, call BigfootChiye-tanka

The word "sit" in Lakota is iyotaka.

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