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What hostile Indians did Lewis and Clark encounter?

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They encountered with the Missouris, the Omahas, the Yankton Sioux, and the Teton Sioux (Lakota) in the first season of exploring.

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On July 27 - The Blackfeet Indians tried to steal Lewis's group's rifles. A fight broke out and two Indians were killed. This is the only hostile encounter with an Indian tribe.

they encountered the Missouri Indians on August 3rd 1804.

The Indians helped Lewis and Clark by providing them with food and directions

No, they stared the trip together

The Chinook Indians fed and housed the Lewis and Clark over the winter of 1805/6. With out the Chinook's help Lewis and Clark may not have made it back to their homes.

they gave Lewis and clark horses intrade for guns and weapons

Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea and her husband and other many Native Indians.

by seeing lewis and clark.....

Actually they did. Lewis was a veteran of Indian wars and Clark was a skilled Indian fighter.

yes they FOUGHT indians aka native americans

hills and bunnies and toes and dumps

Lewis and Clark did build peaceful relations towards the Indians. Lewis and Clark would give gifts and peace metals to the Indians they met. Also without the Indians help, Lewis and Clark would have never reached the Pacific. What really help to establish the peace between the Indians and the Explorers was Sacagawea and her baby, Pompey, because the Indians that they wouldn't bring a women and an infant along if it was not in peace.

The Montana river, the Missouri River, Rocky Mountains

lewis and clark encoutered many obstacles \. bears, indians, and hot weather

No they were not, they were only friends. If you happen to encounter the name "Meriwether Lewis Clark" this is the name of one of William Clark's sons. William Clark and Merwether Lewis had a deep friendship and it's no wonder that William Clark named one of his sons after his dear friend.

Lewis and Clark are NOT Indians. The Indians are Squanto and Samoset. Does that help you any? ;]

Otherwise millions of native Americans would kill Lewis and clark because they were people they have never seen before.

The mandans, the otos,the sioux, the hidasta, and the arikara.

they used horses that the Indians gave them

Sacajawea translated for talking to indians since she was an indian.