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Are you from Veritas 8th grade trying to cheat on your project? Use your OWN sources! Mrs. Howell

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they encountered the Missouri Indians on August 3rd 1804.

Sacajawea encountered Lewis and Clark during their expedition through the wilderness of North America. Also encountered by Lewis and Clark were a variety of Native American tribes.

To protect and translate between Lewis and Clark and the Indians they encountered on the way West

The Indians helped Lewis and Clark by providing them with food and directions

They encountered with the Missouris, the Omahas, the Yankton Sioux, and the Teton Sioux (Lakota) in the first season of exploring.

She showed Lewis and Clark the paths to go and helped them survive. She traveled with them and was their translator to all the Indians they encountered.

The Chinook Indians fed and housed the Lewis and Clark over the winter of 1805/6. With out the Chinook's help Lewis and Clark may not have made it back to their homes.

they gave Lewis and clark horses intrade for guns and weapons

Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea and her husband and other many Native Indians.

· Lewis and Clark were warned by local Indians that there were large grizzly bears but Lewis thought they were only a danger to the Indians because the Indians only had bows and arrows not guns. One day Lewis and another man encountered two grizzly bears. Lewis' companion shot and killed the bear but the when Lewis shot the second bear he only injured it which caused the bear to charge toward him. The grizzly chased Lewis for 80 yards before it was shot and killed by Lewis' companion.

by seeing lewis and clark.....

Actually they did. Lewis was a veteran of Indian wars and Clark was a skilled Indian fighter.

yes they FOUGHT indians aka native americans

hills and bunnies and toes and dumps

Lewis and Clark did build peaceful relations towards the Indians. Lewis and Clark would give gifts and peace metals to the Indians they met. Also without the Indians help, Lewis and Clark would have never reached the Pacific. What really help to establish the peace between the Indians and the Explorers was Sacagawea and her baby, Pompey, because the Indians that they wouldn't bring a women and an infant along if it was not in peace.

The Shoshone tribe was a peaceful tibe encountered by lewis and clark in august 1805... they lived in teepees and traded hoarses for other supplies with lewis and clark... also sacagawea was in this tribe

lewis and clark encoutered many obstacles \. bears, indians, and hot weather

The first time Lewis and Clark encountered Native Americans was on August 2, 1804. An interpreter, Mr. Fairfong, and a group of Oto Indians entered camp. Among them were six chiefs, and being that this was the first group they encountered things were tense. As Clark describes it, "Every man on his guard and ready for anything." However the next day the group returned and Lewis and Clark gave them peace medals, a flag, and some clothes to give to their chief. In return, the "chief all delivered a speech acknowledging their approbation to the speech and promising to pursue the advice and directions given them. They were happy to find that they had fathers which might be depended on, etc."

Lewis and Clark are NOT Indians. The Indians are Squanto and Samoset. Does that help you any? ;]

Otherwise millions of native Americans would kill Lewis and clark because they were people they have never seen before.

The mandans, the otos,the sioux, the hidasta, and the arikara.

they used horses that the Indians gave them

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