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Are PUNE MUNICIPAL TRANSPORT buses environment friendly?

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Not at all!

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Are dogs allowed on buses from Brighton to eastbourne?

Yes! Public transport to and fro from Brighton is extremely dog friendly!

What is the common transport in Switzerland?


What is the purpose of buses in a computer?

The buses transport information from one part of the computer to another. The information can be data, memory addresses, I/O port addresses, etc.; sometimes there are shared buses that transport several kinds of information and sometimes there are dedicated buses that transport only one kind of information.

How many buses do London transport have?

About 8000

What is the transport in Denmark?

There are trains, cars, buses, all the kind of transport we have here!

Why are school buses important?

School buses are important because they transport students who live in the country to and from school. They also transport students to activities and ballgames.

What is the difference between public and private transport?

Public transport are transports that are available to the general public and one can take the transport as long as they pay for it. Private transport is mostly owned by individuals. Some example of public transport can be buses and trains. Taking public transport can help to conserve the environment as less resources is consumed.

What transport was used in Victorian times?

buses and cars

What transport is there in China?

there are cars taxis buses and plaine

What transport do they have in Malawi?

they mainly use bikes and buses

Is there a transport variety in Manchester?

buses, metro and trams

Picture of old transport?

I think this is a site of some: Old transporation devices are things like trains, truck buses, and trolley buses.

What is the best way to get to Goulburn NSW from Adelaide SA by public transport?

Trains and buses, my friend. Trains and buses.

How do you make a sentence with buses?

All the available buses were necessary to transport all the members who planned to attend the meeting.

Types of land transport?


What transport is available from Dublin Airport?

Planes, taxis and buses.

What are the main sources of transport in Turkey?

Cars buses trains <:)

Does London Transport buses have to pay road tax?

Yes they do

Which city in India has the highest Volvo buses?

BANGALORE was the first city to introduce Volvo buses to public transport and it has the highest number of volvo buses on city routes..

Types of transport?

There are many types of transport. Air transport (planes, helicopters, etc), road transport (cars, trucks, trains, buses), and water transport (boats, ships etc)

Which transport goes to geelong?

Transport to and from GeelongFrequent trains to Melbourne from the station in Railway Terrace.V/Line buses also run to Melbourne, as well as to BallaratGreat Ocean Road. For transport to the Bellarine Peninsula hop aboard McHarrys Buses.

What is the main means of transport jammu and kashmir?

mini buses and taxies

What is public transport like in Paris?

Paris' transport is very well run and has a wide variety of transport. Including - metro station, trams, buses.

What is the transport within Manchester?

Public Transport Buses, trains, metro (trams), taxis Private Transport Cars, motorbikes, pedal cycles, walking.

Why use public transport?

Public Transport reduces damage to the environment. Different types of public transport are buses, trains and boats. One bus emits far fewer fumes than twenty cars Public transport is safer than cars. No need to find parking spaces at your destination. Eases congestion, reduces emissions.