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Are Social Security SSI and SSDI all funded through fica and self employment taxes?

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I'm trying to read through the wording..the terms may not be properly used.

Remember the political campaigns saying they wanted the SS taxes to be in a "lock box"? I think that's what your asking, at least in part.

SS, etc are intended to be fully funded by the payroll taxes. They were not expected to use other taxes, nor were the funds collected to be used for anything else. So, what happens when there is a projected shortfall, on either side of the equation? Politics..change the equation or at least the projection!

Self employment tax is not a separate just means the portion of FICA that would otherwise be required to be paid by an employer is paid by the self employed person.."his business"...if you will. The tax paid totals the same if employed by someone else or self employed.

2011-09-12 14:43:13
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Q: Are Social Security SSI and SSDI all funded through fica and self employment taxes?
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What is used to fund social security?

Social Security is funded through salary deductions.

What tax is deducted from a worker's paycheck to fund social security and medicare?

Social Security is funded by FICA; Medicare is funded by Medicare tax.

Many federal programs are funded through which allow local or private control over programs?

Social Security

Many federal programs are funded through which allowed local of private control over the programs?

Social security

What year was it voted to pay medicare out of social security?

Medicare is not paid out of Social Security. The two are funded by different payroll taxes.

How is social security benefits funded?

Social Security benefits are funded by each individual. Taxes are taken out of their salary and paid out after they reach their retirement years. The money was supposed to be set aside and receive interest for the individual who then supposedly gets it back when they retire in the form of social security benefits.

What are two of the programs that FICA funds?

Social Security and Medicare are funded by FICA

How does the government finance the social security program?

Social Security is funded by payroll taxes which is also called as Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax (FICA).

How is social security funded?

Social Security is funded by a wage tax. The employee pays 6.2% of all wages up to $102,000 (this is the 2008 maximim, it increases every year). The employer pays an equal amount for a total contribution of 12.4%

Where does SSI check come from?

SSI is administered by Social Security and is funded by general revenues - taxes, etc.

Social Security is funded by the federal government employers and by a small portion of money?

withheld from the employee's salary

Is social security retirement self funded?

For most as they pay into it over the life of their career with few exceptions.

If I got medicaid automatically with social security would it cover me in another state knowing that social security is federal?

Though social security is federal, Medicaid is state funded. You may want to call Medicaid and ask if you will be covered while traveling out of state.

The Social Security benefits that today's retirees receive are funded primarily by?

Payroll taxes on people who are still working

What is the economy like in Sweden?

Planned market capitalizm with tax-funded healthcare, pensions system, social security and administration.

How do social security and Medicare work?

Social Security provides cash payments, and Medicare provides health care, to citizens age 65 and older or permanently and totally disabled. Both programs are funded by payroll taxes.

Why should the government keep social security?

The biggest argument in favor of keeping Social Security is that since 1935 all workers in the U.S. have been funding Social Security through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes that are deducted from their pay with the promise that some day it will be their turn to collect payments, which will be funded by the FICA taxes collected from the next generation. The reason Social Security is failing is that in 1935 they did not anticipate that the ratio of retirement-age people to working-age people would increase as much as it has.

What is the problem with social security?

The problem that many people see is that as the Baby Boom generation retires, social security costs are going to become so high that the system may not be adequately funded by the payments made by the existing work force.

Problems with social security?

The problem that many people see is that as the Baby Boom generation retires, social security costs are going to become so high that the system may not be adequately funded by the payments made by the existing work force.

What does Private Disability Insurance mean?

Most people know that Social Security will approve a disability claim for acquired disabilities, e.g. those acquired as an adult, and congenital disability which occur at birth. SSD and SSDI are publicly funded. For SSD, Adults worked and paid into Social Security before becoming disabled. For SSDI, the person need not have worked, and the amount received is often less than SSD.However, in some industries, private insurers protect when disability occurs. The disability is evaluated through that insurer (not SSA), and is paid through them, not through the Social Security Administration.

FICA tax is the same as federal income tax?

NO - however it is paid to the IRS. Federal Income Tax is just what it sounds like and pays for federally funded programs. FICA is Social Security Income and goes to pay into the fund for Social Security Programs.

What is supplemental social security?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (notSocial Security taxes):It is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people, who have little or no income; andIt provides cash to meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter

How does Social Security Disability get funded?

SSDI or social security disability insurance is a paid into program. People receiving it must have worked 20 of the last 40 quarters (5 consecutive years) and are paid money each month from what they put in as taxes. SSI or Supplimental Security Income is paid for by federal taxes.

What are social security and Medicare?

Social Security provides cash payments for persons who are at least age 62 and those who are "permanently and totally disabled." Medicare provides health insurance for persons over age 65 and persons who are "permanently and totally disabled." For either program, the individual must have 40 credits of "covered employment" (i.e., calendar quarters during which they paid into the program). Both are funded by payroll taxes and administered by the Federal government.

What is difference between Prime Security Collateral Security?

Prime security is the one which is funded by banks for raw material, power, finished goods etc are taken by bank as prime security. The collateral security, which is non-funded by banks. But in turn the borrower keep it as security with bank. Such as any mortgage, Fixed asset etc