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Are Sprint and Nextel customers able to talk together for free since the merger?


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You can talk as much as you want whether you are a Sprint customer or a Nextel Customer as long as you have the mobile to mobile option for 5.00.


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The Nextel Sprint merger was completed in August 2005.

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R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company dropped its sponsorship of the Winston Cup Series after the 2003 season. In 2004, Nextel started sponsoring the top series and the name was changed. It's now known as the Sprint Cup Series, due to the Sprint-Nextel merger.

After the 2003 season, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company dropped its sponsorship of the Winston Cup Series. The name Winston was used for the cigarette brand owned by R.J. Reynolds. In 2004, Nextel started sponsoring the top series and the name was changed. It's now known as the Sprint Cup Series, due to the Sprint-Nextel merger.

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As of present Verizon customers can call Alltel customers that are not being diverged to other markets. As of Feb 17th Alltel customers will be able to call Verizon customers IN network. The merger has not been finalized is still going through approvals and should be complete by the end of the year. Until then, both companies are acting separately.

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