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Yes, but only with other DDR, not SDR. DDR is 184 pins where SDRAM is 164 pins. There are a few factors that will affect the speed of you memory: 1) The memory itself If you buy cheap memory then you might have slow memory. the chip can only move as fast as its slowest memory section 2) Maximum clock speed on the motherboard Your memory will only run as fast as your mobo can run it. If your mobo supports up to PC2700, buying PC3200 will only run at PC2700 speeds

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Q: Are all DDR SDRAMs interchangeable
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In SDRAM what is rising and falling edges?

In SDRAM, rising and falling edges are the opposite edges of a memory module through which data can be transferred. SDRAMs that are designed this way are called DDR (double data rate) SDRAMs.

Are DDR2 or DDR3 modules interchangeable with DDR modules?


Can I use a sdram insted of ddram?

No. SDR SDRAM and DDR SDRAM modules are not interchangeable.

Which is more speedy sdr or ddr rams?

The ddr rams are much faster than sdr rams. In ddr rams the data rate is twice than that sdram. Since the data can be stored on both the ends of the ddr in contrast to the single sided data storage in sdrams, the ddr rams are considered much faster than its couterpart. Their name itself describes this difference single data rate - sd ram double data rate - dd ram. ddr2 rams are even faster than the ddr1 rams

What prevents a ddr rimm from being installed in a ddr2 dimm slot on a motherboard?

A DDR DIMM has 184 pins, while a DDR2 DIMM has 240 pins. They will physically only fit in slots designed specifically for them and are not interchangeable.

What is better ddr or Guitar Hero?

Of course DDR wins all the way...u actually exercise

In what year did DDR Corp - DDR - have its IPO?

DDR Corp. (DDR)had its IPO in 1993.

What is the market cap for DDR Corp DDR?

As of July 2014, the market cap for DDR Corp. (DDR) is $6,442,785,788.34.

Are laundry pedestals interchangeable?

No, not all are interchangeable. be careful of brand and model.

What is the symbol for DDR Corp in the NYSE?

The symbol for DDR Corp. in the NYSE is: DDR.

Is there a difference between DDR and DDR-1?

there is no difference between ddr and ddr1 . both are the same

Could you put a ddr333 ddr sdram memory in a motherboard that supports ddr 266?

Yes, absolutely because DDR rated for higher frequencies are also backward compatible. Just pay attention to the DDR generation because you DDR-I is not compatible with DDR-II.

What is the fastest ddr dimm?


What is the difference between PC-2700 and PC2-3200 RAM?

PC-2700 is DDR RAM at 333 MHz. PC2-3200 is DDR2 RAM running at 400 MHz. They are not interchangeable.

What is a ddr German shepherd?

DDR German Shepherds

What is DDR Memory Slots?

DDR I Memory slots

What prevents a ddr dimm from bein installed in a ddr 2?

ddr dimm is not compatible with the ddr 2 because of the notches. the different notch positions will keep you form installing it.

What is ddr-1 ram and ddr-2 and ddr-3?

The advantages as each proceed to the next DDR version. Not only is it more capable, but it is faster. However, an issue is that the latency's are really high as you go to DDR3, while they are lower in DDR1 and DDR2. I am not sure for the reason of this, however I will define latency. Latency is the time it takes the RAM to 'communicate.' The higher the latency, the worse. However, somehow, DDR3 uses high latency and yet it is faster than DDR2 and DDR1. Pro-tip: DDR versions are not interchangeable. For example, I can't put a DDR2 RAM stick in a DDR3 memory module. The notches are orientated differently to prevent this. Check your DDR version before buying RAM, and buy the right kind!

What does the DDR in DDR DRAM stand for?

Double Data Rate

What is the fastest DDR DIMM sold today?

ddr 3200

When was DDR Motorsport created?

DDR Motorsport was created in 2001.

When was DDR Corp. created?

DDR Corp. was created in 1965.

What is DDR Motorsport's population?

DDR Motorsport's population is 10.

Are Oakley M frame lenses interchangeable?

Yes they are. Almost all of the sport frames have interchangeable lenses.

Is ddr computer ram for nokebook computer or we can use in desktop computer?

There is two types. There is DDR notebook RAM and there is DDR desktop ram. They can't be used vin each other (notebook RAM can't be used in a desktop) unless (in rare circumstances) you happen to have a notebook ram port on your desktop's motherboard. But no, DDR is a technology. Both desktops and notebooks support this technology because there is notebook DDR and desktop DDR. but notebook DDR can't be put in desktop DDR and vice versa.

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