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Not all birth defects are detected at birth, such as, for instance, Spina Bifida Occulta, a mild form of Spina Bifida which is often not detected until the person has an X-ray or other test that reveals the presence of the defect. But even that canbe detected at birth, if the child were to undergo such an X-ray or other test at that time. I know a person who was unaware that he had Spina Bifida Occulta until he had a spinal X-ray at the age of 65. Another common birth defect that sometimes is not detected at birth is a heart defect that causes a heart murmur, which may be detected later by a careful doctor while listening to the person's heart.

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Q: Are all birth defects recognisable at birth?
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What are the various birth defects?

There are thousands of identified birth defects. Birth defects are abnormal developments present at birth that can cause physical or mental disability. Some, but not all are fatal.

Can raccoons have birth defects?

Some do. Not all.

Did Jesus have any birth defects?

No he did not have any birth defects.

What effect does alcohol have on birth or birth defects?

Brain defects

What percent of birth defects are caused by teratogens?

About 7% of all congenital defects are caused by exposure to teratogens

What are the demograhics of birth defects?

Birth defects are found in 2-3% of all newborn infants. This rate doubles in the first year, and reaches 10% by age five, as more defects become evident and can be diagnosed. Almost 20% of deaths in newborns are caused by birth defects.

What are the defects that occur in a baby with Spina Bifida after birth?

None of the defects occur after birth, they all develop in the womb. They continue to exist for the entire life of the person, of course.

Is an agent that can cause birth defects known as amniocentesis?

No; a teratogen is an agent that can cause birth defects.

Can a male sperm cause birth defects?

why do you wanna know if it's just the male's that cause birth defects? Birth defects i think occur at random, boy or girl

Which is more prone to birth defects?

more prone in to birth defects is the male because there are many male child that has a birth defects example roy p pilapil has a birth defect and also ashley vinas

What is the medical term meaning an agent that causes birth defects?

A teratogen is an agent that causes birth defects.

What is a minor birth defect?

We all should know that smoking is one of the major causes of birth defects and cancers.

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