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Not all mental abusers are. A narcissist is someone who suffers from a specific personality disorder called "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." This disorder is relatively rare.

Not all abusers suffer from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - although many of them have narcissistic traits.

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Q: Are all mental abusers Narcissistic and what is the difference?
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Are all abusers narcissistic or are all narcissists abusers?

Not all abusers are narcissists, but all narcissists are abusive. Thats right. Some abusers are BPD. Some are sociopaths. But all abusers have a personality disorder. All are selfish (to a dangerous degree). All lack empathy (when it gets in the way of their selfish desires..and there are innumerous desires, they are never satisfied).

What happens to people who are abusers?

You dont say what type of abuser, Although all abuse is wrong in the UK emotional- mental abuse is not considered a crime against an adult,even though it carries all the same risk to the victims mental health and wellbeing,In answer to your question(What happens to abusers) if they are not caught they go on to abuse others and if they are caught they get whats coming to them in terms of a prison sentence. My answer is one word, Karma.

Are all psychopaths narcissistic?

No not always but they can be.

Are all narcissistic people psychopaths?

No not always but they can be.

Does he abuse in all his relationships?

Probably. Abusers abuse.

What are child abusers punishment?

Child abusers deserve all the punishment they can get from the law as children are innocent, have no legal rights such as adults, feel so much fear they don't realize there is help for them and they have to take the abuse and basically not tell a soul because they have been threatened by the abuser. Child abuse can leave mental scars with the child throughout adulthood and some may become abusers of their own children.

Why do mental abusers change dramatically from being nice to being distant and upset?

Mental abusers generally suffer from depression (manic depression in most cases.) They can ride on a high and suddenly hit rock bottom. Generally, they are unaware of it until someone brings it to their attention and even then they meet that person's statement with denial. It's a tough place to be trapped in your body (no excuse for abusing someone) and generally in the toughest cases the person will not reach out for help. Mental abusers are also about control. Although they seem powerful (a need to fear because they are the abuser) they are actually weak. Why? Because they always have to control the environment they are in or they have to control certain situations. They find it difficult to agree to disagree, or to listen and perhaps they might learn something (abusers think they have all the answers for everything). That is why many of these people are often wrongly labeled as narcissistic. In reality, if they searched out psychological help and even were on medications (not always for the rest of their lives) they would simmer down and lead more productive lives. Mental abusers are also very jealous of those around them. They find it difficult to be happy for a family member or friend who has had some luck in their lives. Instead of joining in and celebrating with that family member or friend they will sulk, become sharp tongued or ignore the person completely. If you study a mental abuser you will see they are at their happiest when their environment is level, when they are getting their own way, but, all of us know these good times don't last forever in our lives, so when the luck starts to run out, the mental abuser will become angry, feel as if they are not in control and can even go into rages to try and regain that control. Marcy

Are all mental abusers extremely cheap and don't want to spend their money unless absolutely necessary?

Mental abusers come in all shapes, sizes, races, cultures and some are actually very generous when the mood strikes them. However, some abusers use money, children and fear to control the victim of abuse. There isn't much he can do so go see a lawyer because 1/2 of everything is yours! Never forget that! You can also nail this sucker for part of his pension or any retirement plan he may have at work. Go for it and don't hang around and take this anymore. Good luck Marcy

Are all Mexican men liars cheaters and abusers to women?

No, not at all. It depends on a person.

Could men in general all be narcissistic sex addict?


Why isn't Stephen Harper in an insane asylum?

Because although he is a unintelligent, dogmatic, uncharismatic, narcissistic and all around poor leader, none of these things constitute mental illness serious enough for institutionalization to be needed.

Do abused children eventually become abusers?

Some do, but by no means all do.

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