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No. Gerard way and Mikey way are.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 13:57:49
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Q: Are all the band members of mcr relatives?
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What the greatest band greenday or mcr?

I prefer MCR, but that's just me.

What does mcr the band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

Who is the emo band of the world?


Did mcr change into a different band?

no, they did not

What is the difference between mcr and your chemical romance?

The band is My Chemical Romance. MCR is the abbreviation.

Who is the craziest memcer of mcr?

Probably Frank he plays pranks on the band members and steals Ray's alcoholic beverages xD

Who is the best soft rock band?


What does The Band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

How did mcr meet?

You mean when they first formed a band? All of them met in New Jersey; except for Bob, but he's not in the band anymore :(

Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?

Defenetly My Chemical Romance. Hawthorne Heights is not as good as mcr. MCR ROCKS. Hawthorne heights does not have music as good as mcr. Hawthorne heights is a pretty good band too but MCR is #1. MCR IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!! I Love mcr

Why did MCR break up?

What I've always heard is that not only was being in the band becoming unhealthy for former front man Gerard Way, the former members had different idea's with what they wanted to do musically. Almost all of the former members also have children and wives. It was also said in the statement released on they're website that the band had essentially done all that they wanted to as MCR. The solo music that they have produced since has been controversial but even so, worth listening to,

Is mcr a good band?

I think my chemical romance is a great band weather they cuss or not

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