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As long as you have about 1/4" all the way around you can use anything.

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If you are looking for the how-to on installing Columbia laminate flooring, then you should go online to the Columbia Flooring website, which gives information on the installation.

Yes wood laminate flooring is relatively cheap. Depending on brand and style its very cost effective and looks great.

You should be able to find laminate flooring anywhere from $0.75 per sf to $4.00 per sf depending on the thickness, brand and whether the underlayment is attached.

Armstrong is a very famous brand in laminate flooring. Armstrong offers different laminates at different prices. For laminates the prices are between 6$ - 7$ per square foot.

form_title=Install Cork Flooring form_header=This type of flooring is considered eco-friendly, comfortable and reduces sounds. What brand of cork flooring are you interested in?=_ What type of flooring is currently installed?= [] Carpet [] Tile [] Laminate [] Wood [] Other How many rooms would you want installed?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,More}

Some of the high quality brands of laminate flooring include Pergo, Wilsonarts, Formica Ceramix, Mannington, BHK Uniclic and Alloc. It should be noted that there are cheaper, less high quality versions of each brand so you will need to research them more thoroughly before choosing one.

I Believe you mean PERGO, which is a brand name of laminate flooring. For the life of me I cannot say that I've ever seen prego flooring, but I am pretty comfortable in saying that if it happens to exist, that a steam cleaner should not be used on either of the two.

This short article is designed to give you a solid idea of the processes to follow and decisions to make when shopping for laminate flooring. There are some very basic needs at the core of the shopping experience that one will want addressed so that they do not experience buyer’s remorse later.Pricing and QualityLaminate flooring is a product where you will largely get what you pay for. This is not always case, though for a majority it will be. Laminate flooring often ranges from $1.50 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot. Cost effective, quality solutions usually lay in the middle range of those prices. Determining your budget will help you narrow down your selection.It is important to determine if the laminate flooring you are interested in has the underlayment already built in. If it does not, your budget and time table will need to include the underlayment installation and purchase. Many laminate floors do include the underlayment particularly of a cork variety. This is not always the case however.Locking systems of snap together planks are often easiest to install. Using snap lock or snap joint flooring planks can narrow down choice later on if pieces need to be repaired. Most of them are not interchangeable although they are very convenient.Laminate Flooring CoatingCoatings for laminate flooring can come in a variety of qualities. They will arrive pre-finished but the quality of the coating will by reflected in the final cost of the flooring. Those that want planking coated in laminate with less toxic materials will normally pay more. This is due to it simply costing more to manufacture those types of laminates for construction. This avoids having things like formaldehyde and other toxic substances in the coating.The cheapest coatings may actually prove harmful to one’s health over the long-term. Manufacturers usually give their vendors different certificates explaining the compositions of the materials used. Ask to see them before making a purchase.Protecting Your InvestmentIt is standard for most laminate flooring to come with a limited warranty of 15+ years. It may be more prudent to choose a different brand if the current one you are looking at does not offer this type of coverage for their product. You may need to follow certain steps to keep your warranty valid so be sure you understand all the details of the agreement and how well it protects you.Keeping these things in mind can help you find the laminate flooring that will best suit your needs and budget. It is highly important to choose the right product as it will be part of the structure for many years to come.

Bruce hardwood, owned by Triangle Pacific and Armstrong is one of the best brand for hardwood flooring. Pergo is another good brand.

Yes, Quick-Step brand flooring is easy to install.They specialize in flooring options which are easy to install individually and there are videos available to see their installation procedure.

My experience tells me that brand flooring supplies and store flooring supplies have similar quality. The only difference I would mention is the price. The supplies bought in stores can be cheaper than the ones with a brand name.

It depends on what brand of flooring you choose. The prices in each vary. So you have too look at teh quality o the flooring and the prices.

Laminate is very sturdy. I have successfully cleaned almost everything off of laminate by using furniture stripper, and a razor blade. Citrustrip is a brand that is enviromentally friendly and smells good.

If you’re sick of carpeting in your kitchen or living room, laminate flooring is a beautiful alternative. Why pay someone to install it when you can install it by yourself quickly and easily? You’ll save money, and as an added bonus, you’ll love telling people that you installed your new floor when they compliment it.1. Measure the area that you’ll be covering in laminate flooring. Be precise, because you’ll need the exact figure when you go to buy the flooring. Having an accurate measurement means that you’ll avoid buying flooring that will be awkward or difficult to fit into your living space. When you go to buy your laminate flooring, consider buying a little bit extra in case of a mistake.2. Clean the floor you’ll be covering thoroughly. Anything left behind can make the floor sit unevenly, and you’ll definitely notice it once you’re done.3. When you start to put your flooring down, start in one corner. Before starting, ensure that you are leaving about 10 millimeters of space around the perimeter of the area being laid down. Wood expands in heat, and this space will give your flooring space to expand into. Lay your first full piece down. You can now take the next piece, lock it in with the end of the first piece, and make sure that it fits snugly.4. As you finish your first row, check the sides of the laminate flooring for any untidy edges or pieces left sticking out. Check very carefully and remove any extra bits of material, because they will make installation of subsequent rows very difficult.5. When you start the second row, don’t line it up the same as the first row. Start your first full board halfway down the first board of the first row—this is called staggering, and it’s an essential part of installing laminate flooring. To fill the first half of the piece, cut one piece into two halves. One half can be used at each end to fill the row.6. Continue installing your flooring, being sure to check for loose bits around the edges at each row and staggering throughout the installation. When you’re done, admire your work! You now have a gorgeous floor and you did it yourself.

Duraceramic is not an actual term but a brand name for a specific type of tile flooring. It is implied that the DuraCeramic brand is longer lasting than comparable tile flooring options.

Bamboo flooring in general is very easy to clean, and the Strand brand is no exception.

Be careful with this one. If it is thin-laminate wood flooring, you should NOT remove the coating. Check with someone first. If its solid wood, get a decent brand of liquid stripper from the hardware store, follow all instructions and you should do just fine.

That is a question that you will get a lot of different opinions on. I'm going to assume that by Pergo you mean all laminates since Pergo is just one of the brands. The advantages of laminate are that it is inexpensive both to purchase and install, it is a floating float and very easy to clean. The disadvantage of laminate is that on most of them you are definitely able to see the fact that they are not real, with large sun exposure the colors can fade and it makes a hollow thudding sound as you walk on it. If you meant Pergo as a brand, they are a pretty good company but tend to be a little more expensive than others.

Hardwood walnut flooring is more expensive than regular hardwood. However, cost varies greatly depending on the brand you buy.

One can purchase the Skywatcher brand of telescopes on the online store, such as Amazon or eBay. You can also go to their website to purchase the Skywatcher brand of telescopes.

We would need to know t0 brand of floor to answer this. Many of the floors I install cost almost that much just for materials. On the other hand I have seen floors as cheap as $1 (not that I would want one in my house).

Home Depot's Home Decor flooring is great and very cheap, though it can be a bit rough and a slight bit harder to install.

Traffic Master is not in fact a brand of traffic lights. Actually, it is a popular brand of vinyl flooring. It can be purchased at stores such as Home Depot.

Upon researching Appalachian Flooring, it has been found that this brand is exclusively known for it's durability. This flooring will stand up to things such as dents from high heeled shoes among other things.

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