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Are bass and rythum guitars the same?


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No. Rhythm guitar isn't an instrument, it's a role. The bass is a different guitar. In a band the rhythm guitarist plays an ordinary guitar but generally plays chords over the top of the lead Guitarists flashier fret picking. Rhythm is a similar style to bass in that they keep the rhythm and aren't there for the glory but it is just an ordinary guitar

Many bands have both; in fact, most bands with a rhythm player also have a bassist. Some examples are Guns n Roses (classic line-up; Izzy on rhythm, Duff on bass) and Candlemass (Mappe Bjorkman on rhythm, Leffe Edling on bass).

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No, bass guitars are generally physically larger than guitars, and so their cases must also be larger.

Typically the same number as regular electric guitars, 21 to 24.

the difference between bass and guitar is a bass normally has 4 or 5 strings but guitars have 6 strings. bass guitars are used for rhythm most of the time but guitars are usually used for melody. bass guitars are 1 octave below guitars.

The cables are exactly the same.

No. Bass guitars are tuned in fourths, whereas cellos are tuned to fifths

Fender started making their bass guitars back in 1951 and was called the Precision Bass or P-Bass. The P-Bass was small and portable compared to all other bass guitars on the market.

Bass guitars are similar in appearance to electric guitars. It has a longer neck and can have four to eight strings. The most common bass guitar has four strings.

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fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass

This is simply because bass guitars have longer necks are therfore made of more wood and so they are heavier

ibanez stupid! bass rocks To be accurate, the Fender Precision and the Fender Jazz bass guitars are the two most dominant bass guitars in the business. Four out of five songs you listen to are most likely recorded with one of these bass guitars.

Because the bass guitar was conceived as a "guitar" version of the upright double bass, and is tuned to the same pitches. The upright double bass has - four strings.

A bass guitar is really low sounding and the highest string on a bass guitar is the lowest on an electric guitar.

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