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It depends on what fish are in the pond. I have heard that FEMALE bettas are great in pond not only are they attractive but they eat mosquitoe larvae and their dark colorattion helps them not get noticed by predators like cats.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 00:51:56
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Q: Are betta fish okay in fresh water ponds and are minnows a problem for them?
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What is the relationship between minnows and a pond?

Minnows are small fish, and they live in ponds. So ponds are the habitats of minnows.

Where does minnows live?

minnow live in ponds, lakes and rivers.

Are Betta fish from china?

yes, currently most of all the betta fish come from china. they are found in little ponds with other betta's.

Do betta fish live in ponds?

no a Betta can not live in a pond because it has to have a steady temp or it will go into shock and die.

Where do guppys live?

In natural habitats, guppies live lives like minnows do in small ponds and against the shore.

Can betta fish live in the sea?

No they can't handle salt water. They like ponds.

Do betta fish live in rivers lakes streams ponds seas or oceans?


Fresh water in ponds and wells?

Yes there is

Where do fresh water turtles sleep?

in ponds and other fresh water places Glenn

Betta fishes home out in the wild?

They live in stagnant ponds and rice patties in Southeast Asia.

What kind of water is found in ponds?

fresh water

What is a euglena environment?

they live in fresh water ponds

What are the differences between between coral reefs and ponds?

Coral reefs are salt water Ponds are fresh water

Ponds form where fresh and salt water meet?

Ponds form where rainwater and runoff meet in a depression in the landscape.

Are ponds salt or fresh water?

usually ponds are freshwater, lakes can very rarely be salt water though

Where amoeba live in?

The live in fresh water ponds generally.

Where do fresh water clams come from in ponds?

birds carry them

What lives in ponds and rivers?

Fresh water aquatic life.

Where is Fresh-water ecosystem located?

the fresh water ecosystem is located around the world,such as lakes, rivers and ponds.

What are the examples for fresh water ecosystem?

Some fresh water ecosystems are; marshes, ponds, rivers, streams and lakes.

Where do fresh water fish live?

Lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers.

What do they call the study of fresh water in land lakes and ponds?


What are 3 geographic locations of fresh water?


What bodies of water are fresh water?

lakes and rivers also ponds

Where can you find fresh water?

Fresh water can be found in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and wetlands.