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Yes, they are sustainable. Yes, they are affected by squash bugs and digging beetles. Farmers face insects getting into them, and animals trying to eat them. It is best to shop them in a dry, clean box.Ê

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What diseases can be brought on by problems with the liver?

If there are problems in the Liver, the production of Bile is affected. Thus the digestion of fats can be affected and there will be no filter for the body when taking medications and food. Toxins will build up in the body eventually poisoning other vital organs.

What are the diseases caused by food adulteration?

stomach disorders,liver problems,vision problems,skin diseases

Was there a disease in the holocaust called pulmonary disease?

Pulmonary disease is a general term for problems with the lungs. Pulmonary diseases have affected people in every historial period.

How are people affected by economic problems?

People are affected by economic problems because their is no work and there is no money to pay their expenses.

What diseases did they check immigrants for on Ellis Island?

They looked for trachoma, a contagious eye disease, lice, and other Physical problems such as lameness, scalp diseases, back problems, and skin diseases.

What is gastric diseases?

Health problems of the stomach.

What are two examples of genetic diseases?

A few examples of genetic diseases are:Chromosomal abnormalitiesSingle gene defectsMultifactorial problemsTeratogenic problems

Do rabbits have diseases?

Alopecia,problems with fur lose-Myxomatosis - problems with eye sight-

What kind of diseases occur when people smoke?

All kinds of diseases occur like lung diseases and problems with the heart!!!!! DON'T SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What were the problems that blacks and whites shared?

Diseases, their masters

What are cardiovascular problems?

Diseases of the blood circulatory system.

What types of diseases or problems can the immune system have?

our immune system can have serious disease such as autoimmune diseases or allergies

Does cancer lead to other diseases?

Yes cancer leads to varios other diseases and health problems

Can eye health be affected by dental problems?


What kind of diseases do golden retrievers get?

They can get most of the internal diseases that other dogs get and can also get hip diseases/problems For more information, ask your vet

What are some problems china faces today?

Some problems China face are overpopulation and diseases.

What kind of health problems can the leonberger breed of dog suffer from?

There are many health problems that the leonberger breed of dog can suffer from. The leonberger breed of dog can suffer from health problems such as eye diseases, cancer, and neurological diseases.

How will your world be affected if the lynx and bobcat is not protected?

Both the lynx and bobcat are high in the food chain. If there were none the prey that they kill will become more abundant, thus causing problems with eco system - diseases, etc.

How will animals be affected by ozone layer depletion?

Animals will be affected. UV can cause fatal problems in them.

What problems do drugs cause?

diseases, cancer and maybe death!

Do nephrologist study the brain and kidneys?

A Nephrologist is a specialist who studies the functions of kidneys and diagnoses the diseases that they can be affected by. Nephrologists are trained to both diagnose and treat a variety of kidney problems. Meanwhile, a Neurologist is a specialist who studies the brain.

Why do poodles get diseases?

Yes, poodles get some diseases, like diabetes, cataracts (with age) hip problems to name a few.They get diseases like any other dog.

What has the author Susan Goldsmith written?

Susan Goldsmith has written: 'Medical coding fundamentals' -- subject(s): Clinical Coding, International Classification of Diseases, International classification of diseases, Problems and Exercises, International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems

Is Cuba's economy affected by hurricanes?

why yes of course they are affected by the hurricanes. It caused a lot of problems. See attached link for information on how the economy was affected.

What problems did the colonists encounter?

Diseases from water and insects and the climate was bad.

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