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Calories are necessary, but too many for a day is unhealthy. Some say 2,000 calories a day is good.

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Are calories bad for the body?

Yes because you gain weight.

What is the most common cause of being overweight?

A bad diet - and lack of exercise ! If you consume more calories than your body needs - the only option is for your body to convert unused calories to fat. Exercise burns calories - thus keeping your body healthy, and your BMI low.

Does aspartame have calories?

No but is very bad for your body and sugar is probably a better choice than aspartame.

Why are calories bad for the body?

They aren't, more of them than you need is bad for the body because they are stored as excess fat which can eventually result in diseases such as artery clogging, diabetes, cancer.

Why is pop bad for runners?

If by pop you mean soda, it is bad for all athletes because is dehydrates the body and introduces empty calories to the system which are inefficient for powering an athlete's body.

What are the health benefits of Coke Zero?

coke zero is actually bad for you because it means that it has zero calories but you need calories to helpfunction the body regularly

Are calories and fat different?

Yes. Calories are not "bad". They are what gives the body energy and nutrition. A person needs calories to survive. Fats can be good, and are nessesary, but only in limited amounts. Usually, they come from oils and suagr and saturated fats, which are not good for your body.

How bad is it to eat 1000 calories a day?

If you do not consume enough calories, your body can go into what is called starvation mode. There are some bad side effects of starvation mode, including kidney problems and creating body fat reserves. At minimum, a person should consume 1,200 calories a day for their body to properly function. It can go up from there depending on the person's activity levels and metabolism.

Is calories good or bad?


Are calories good or bad for you?

Calories are good for you as long as you take a reasonable amount of it. Too much and the body will store it as fat. Too little and your body slows down metabolism and starts to break down muscle.

How are calories important to the body?

which nutrient supplies the body with the most calories

How does your body use calories?

Our body uses calories by doing an activity !

How do calories help your body?

they don't. calories have nothing to do with your body. calories is the unit of measurement for food energy

How does the excretory system respond to nutrition?

In general, your body excretes materials your body doesn't need. Too bad this isn't true for excess calories!!

How many calories should a 21 year old 5 foot 4inch girl take in?

It wont matter so much how many calories you are taking in as much as it does for what your doing to even out the intake you put into your body. 1200 calories a day is a normal intake,but look into the fat calories, the sugar and salt intake, and corn syrup, these make the calories bad for your body.

Which of the following nutrient does not supply calories to the body?

Water does not supply calories to the/our body.............

Is one beer a day for body builder is good or bad?

Well, although beer has many calories, one a day wouldn't be bad. Especially since your a body builder. just remember not to drink and drive! :)

How many calories are in rice milk?

140 calories not that bad

Are grapes calories bad calories?

They will be low in calories from fat. So, no, they are not that bad. Grapes are good for you nutritionally. If you are counting carbohydrates or calories in order to lose weight, you will need to limit your intake.

Where are excess calories stored?

Excess calories are stored in the body as fat. This is why it's bad to eat to many calories. Generally, 1500-2000 calories are all one needs to survive and not gain weight. This can change depending on height, weight, and muscle mass of course.

Why is physical exercise important?

Without physical exercise any calories in the food you eat will do bad to your body and turn to fat.

What can too much calories do to your body?

Too many calories can make the body fat.

Why is being unfit bad for your health?

Why are you unfit? I'll tell you, because of what you eat. IF what you eat makes you fat, it has sugars, calories, and fat. Which are all bad for your body and health. So you can't eat a lot of junk food,cause its bad for your health and your body.:)

Is fizzy pop bad for you?

yes fizzy pop is bad for you, at the moment i am addicted to it so i am starting research for "for why fizzy pop is bad", it is bad its poison to your body, it doesn't help your thirst, and rots teeth and adds CALORIES stop because its bad

What are the advantages of calories in the human body?

Calories provide the body with energy and nutrients that are vital to survival.