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Are carrots good for your eyes?

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Yes they are
Yes, carrots are good for your eyes because they contain Vitamin A.

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Which vegetable is good for your eyes?


What are facts about carrots?

carrots are orange, they grow downward, and they are roots :)They are good for your eyes!

Are eating carrots good for your eyes?


Which is healthier carrots or strawberries?

i would say carrots because they are good for the eyes and they don't have acid

Are carrots good for the eyes?

yes and it helps your eye sight!

Are carrots good for you eyes?

Yes. They produce vitamin C.

What nutrient does carrot give us?

carrots are good for your eyes.

What are good foods or vitamins for the eyes?

carrots orange things and glasses

What vegetables are good for the eyes?

carrots my mom would always tell me

Do carrots make your eyes see better?

It does contain vitamin A which is good for eyesight

Are carrots good for anything else other than eyes?

yes, your body

What is the nutrients can prevent eyes problems?

Vitamin "a" is said to be good from foods like carrots.

Are carrots really good for your eyes?

Yes.It contain beta carotine which may be converted to carotinoids in the body which are essential for good vision.But excess carrots may produce toxicity.

What fruits and vegetable which are good to improve eye sight?

Carrots have beta carotene which make vitamin A. They are good for your eyes.

Can you take care of your eyes by eating carrots?

Cooked carrots are supposed to be good for promoting eye health, and cold carrots are rich in vitamin k. Eating carrots in general is good for you, just don't over do it or you might end up with a slightly orange tint to your skin.

Why are carrots good for the eyes?

Carrots do not improve eyesight they only maintain it.They're good because they have lots of vitamin A in them. If you wanna get the full dosage of vitamin A, it's better to eat carrots with some kind of fat, like a dip sauce.

How are carrots good for you?

It has lots of vitamins and minerals, and example being Vitamin D. That old wives tale saying that if you eat carrots you can see in the dark, is actually based on the truth. Because of what is in carrots, they strengthen your eyes so that you can see better in the dark without straining your eyes.

Are green beans good for you?

Yes! greenbeans are really good for you. Any vegtable is good for you. Each vegtable is good for something in your body. Carrots are good for your eyes.

What can help your eyes?

carrots can help your eyes and spinatch helps your eyes too.

How do you grow carrots and What is healthy about them?

they are really good for your eyes! buy a plant from home depo and then grow it in a garden

Are carrots really good for you?

yes they contain beta carotene which protects your eyes and they help you see better.

What vitamins are good for ones eyes?

Vitamin A is good for ones eyes. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, spinach, mango, papayas, eggs, and many other forms of food. Vitamin A is stored in your liver.

Are carrots good for a dog?

Yes, raw carrots are good.

Are carrots good for horses?

Carrots are good for you, your dog . . . AND your horses!

How do you keep eyes healthy?

Feed it carrots.