Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out
Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

Are chances lower of being emancipated if your being verbally-mentally abused but you feel you have enough proof?

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Rules for emancipation vary from state to state or even county to county. Review the laws of your state.

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How do i sign my rights away i know that sounds bad but after being abused over and over mentaly and now physically from my teen .. i have had enough?

Just file to have the teen emancipated.

You are 16 and you were abused until you were 15 but now you only get punched once in a while Is that still enough grounds to get emancipated and what steps do you need to take?

Go to the police and they will see that you get the right advice and protection.

If you want to get emancipated but both parents will dissagree is having a dad who is an alcoholic has anger problems and depression and being emotionally abused by both parents a good enough reason?

Talk to Family Services or Social Services, whichever it is called in your state. They can determine your situation. Unless you reach the age of majority, you would not be emancipated, but come under the supervision of Family Services, likely in a foster home. To be totally emancipated, you would need to prove to a judge with evidence that you have been abused, and that you are mature enough to live on your own. Emancipation is highly unlikely - but being removed from your parents by the courts is possible. I feel sad about your situation and I am praying for you.

What percent of women in the US get abused?


You are thirteen can you get emancipated in ny?

Its very hard to get emancipated. You have to be able to show that you can support yourself. 13 is not even old enough to get a decent job that pays over 7 dollars. So a 13 year probably can not get emancipated

How many animals were abused in 2010?

enough to feed the worlds armies

What do you have to do to get legally emancipated?

1.) Join the military (if you're old enough) 2.) Get married (if you're old enough or if you have parents' permission and meet legal age requirements) 3.) Go to court and have a judge declare you emancipated (with or without parents' permission)

What happens if a minor gets pregnant and does not want to go back to the legal guardian?

Unless the minor is abused, which then should be reported to the CPS, "does not want to" is not enough reason to put the minor in a home for expecting mothers or foster care. Until emancipated she still have to do as her parents say and can not choose where to live.

How can a 15 year old female in South Carolina be emancipated if she is abused by her dad?

Emancipated means you need a place to live and a job to pay your bills and be done with your education. I doubt that si the case at 15. Contact the Child Protective service and they will have you in a foster home instead until you are old enough to be on your own. Usually you have to be 16 to apply but with abuse it can be different. Abuse has to be proven in court though.A child has to be released by the court to be considered emancipated in South Carolina. There is no particular statute that covers how to get emancipated in South Carolina. There has to be a petition from either the child or an agency that cares for that child to start the emancipation procedures.Read more in link below.

If emancipated what finacal help can you get?

None. One of the requirements for emancipation is that the minor must prove to the court that they have job and they earn enough to fully support themselves. If they can't support themself, they won't be emancipated.

How do you move out at age 17 in Texas?

You get emancipated. You take your case to a judge and if they think it is good enough you can get your request.

Can you move out if you are only 15 years old?

Yes, although most states don't allow below the age of 16, you can be emancipated at age 15 if the courts deem it necessary. Chances are, though, that if your home is bad enough to be emancipated at 15 then they will simply place you into foster care along with all of your brothers/sisters and lock your parents up or just not allow them to see/talk to any of you again or both.

How many children were abused in the last five years?

enough to make your mom cry

Can I get emancipated as a 14 year old in California if I want to become an actor?

It is possible to become emancipated in California. However, this typically occurs after becoming famous enough to be able to support yourself money wise.

If your mother is a drug abuser what can you do to get emancipated?

In order to get emancipated in the U.S. you have to go before a judge and he has to grant it to you. You have to have a stable job which brings in enough income for you to support yourself and you have to find a suitable living arrangement that is approved by the court.

Is being so depressed you cut a good enough reason to get emancipated?

not necessarily but it is good enough reason to get you sent to a long term facility which can help you get away from your problem

Is verbal and mental abuse a good enough reason to become emancipated?

It may depend on how often you receive the abuse and how harsh it is.

What are your chances highest for a collision?

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How long can child deal with being abused until they say something?

until they get old enough to be an adoult.

How do you know you are being mentally abused?

a family member tells you there is something wrong with you and you aren't good enough

Can a sixteen year old girl be emancipated in new jersey?


Do abused infants need counseling?

No, as long as they get older they get treated better. There may be some small memories of being abused if they were old enough to remember but as long as you treat them well there shouldn't be a problem

What are the chances of you not getting an std by someone who has one?

Low enough to not take the risk.

Could you be emancipated from your parents in Missouri if you are pregnant and your home may be a danger to you and your baby?

It depends on your age and the judge. Get a lawyer who will work pro-bono and start the process. If you can prove you are responsible, have a job or way to get money, and mature enough, then you may get emancipated.

If you are emancipated and have had problems with juvenile before when you get emancipated can you still get in trouble with juvenile?

I believe that if you become imancipated, at that point the court sees you as responible enough to live on your own. However if you get into trouble with another minor then, you would be considered contributing to the deliquency of a minor