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Yes condoms need to be tight to the penis to prevent sperm from escaping.

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Q: Are condoms supposed to be tight around the penis to the point where you can pinch the condom?
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How do you put on a condom on an uncircumcised penis?

It's just like any other penis, but most men prefer to put on the condom with the foreskin pulled back. After unwrapping the condom, retract the foreskin to expose the head of the penis. Apply a drop of a water-based or silicone-based* lubricant to the head of the penis. This will allow the condom to move around on the head of the penis during sex. Take the condom and unroll it down on to the shaft of the penis. The condom should be rolled all the way down. Use additional lubricant on the outside of the condom. *Do not used oil based lubricants like vaseline with condoms. They can cause condoms to break.

What are the difference between male and female condoms?

male condoms are the shape of a penis, where as a female condom is stretchy and flat

What size of condom fit in average size penis?

Condoms come in different sizes, and the standard-sized condom would work for an average-size penis.

Can a condom fall off if the guy isn't hard?

Yes. The condom is supposed to go on an erect penis. If the penis is flaccid, the condom can slip off.

What size by brand condom would you wear for a penis 5inches long and 5.5inches around at the center?

Just get the normal size condoms.

What do you do if your penis is to large for the condom?

There are several sizes of condoms. Almost every condom company makes a plus size condom and they are readily available in pharmacies.

Can girls where condoms?

Yes girls can wear condoms. But the only difference betweena girls condom and a boys condom is a girl has to put it inside her vagina and a boy just puts it on his penis.

How do condoms stop sperm getting out?

A condom is like a rubber tube so when it's on the penis it's tight around it so no semen can leak out when he ejaculates into it. The semen stays at the top of the condom.

How to use lubricants on condoms?

Put the condom on and THEN provide lubrication to it. This is the best way to ensure that the entire surface is lubricated. Do NOT apply lubricant to your penis before using the condom or to the inside of the condom! It may be tempting if people tell you that the feeling of the condom sliding around your penis will increase sexual pleasure during intercourse, but don't forget that you also run the risk of the condom sliding off of your penis during intercourse!

Where do condoms go on a girl?

Condoms are made to be worn over the males penis so a girl could not wear a normal condom, However there are condom type devices female condoms, that females can insert into the vagina to protect them from pregnancy and disease,

What is condom and why it is used on male only?

Condom is a protective layer between penis and vagina. It helps to avoid unintended pregnancy and STD. There is female condoms available as well, but male condoms are safer to use.

How do i use condoms with my penis?

Search up a video on youtube. it will definatly help you.type "how to put on a condom".

Can a 12 year old girl wear condoms?

Condoms are made to worn over the males penis so a girl could not wear a normal condom/ However there are condom type devices female condoms, that females can insert into the vagina to protect them from pregnancy and disease,

Can you get pregnant even if you use lyfe style condoms?

If you use a condom whenever the penis is inserted into the vagina and if that condom stays on and in good condition until it is out then you can not get pregnant,

How do you put condoms on?

To put a Condom on you must pinch the end with your finger to stop trapped air then roll it on the penis

How are condoms put on the right way?

well first you tear open the package and then you pull the condom out and then you place the condom on the penis then roll down the condom make sure you do this before sex always be safe and enjoy

Can teenage boy buy condoms?

Yes, your a boy and you have a penis and everyone with a penis needs a condom. The people in the store in the store will probably be jealous your having sex before them!

Will the girl become pregnant if the boy rubs his penis around the vagina with an condom on the penis?


Will there be a risk of pregnancy if you used a condom but didn't insert your penis in her vagina though you had precum inside the condoms?

Hiya! No there is no risk of pregnancy.

How are studded condoms different from regular condoms?

Studded condoms have little studs on them to give more arousal to both partners. When putting a studded condom on your penis, make sure to pinch about a half an inch at the end to hold the sperm after you ejaculate. After ejaculation, pull off the condom, tie a knot in it so the sperm doesn't come out and throw it out in the trash. Men with a big penises will prefer the studded condoms more than the regular ones. Make sure to shave any hair on your penis and testicles where the condom touches, or it will be very painful to take of

The condom came off and stayed inside my girlfriend after I had ejaculated as I removed my penis it stayed inside I could see it and took it out There were no splits in the condom?

Just hope your lucky, buy smaller condoms.

Is there condoms for all sizes of penis?

XXL condoms is for all sizes of penis

Can you fit a condom with a 5 inch and 1 inch wide penis at 18 years old?

Yes. Condoms come in all sizes.

Does a spermicidal condom go on with the spermicide in or out?

Spermicide in. You want the spermicide closest to the sperm...closest to the penis. Although many condoms will have spermicide inside and out.

Does a woman has to wear a condom if the man is already wearing one?

The condom is for the male and can only be worn on the penis. The woman can use a barrier if she so desires. It is worth knowing 1 in 7 condoms fail.

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