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Are daisy rock guitars smaller than regular guitars?

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How big are daisy rock guitars?

daisy rock guitars are a low quality guitars and realy not very popular guitars, in my opinion,people should save money and buy a decent guitar such as a esp guitar,or a fender guitar.

What kind of guitars does rock music use?

Rock music usually uses electric guitars and electric bass guitars.

Can you play rock band wii with the ps2 guitars?

No. If the controller is for the PS2, it will ONLY work with that console, just like a regular controller.

Does rock band guitars come in the rock band set?

Yes, it does.

How many guitars can you play in the beatles rock band?

I am not sure, but there are 3 guitars to promote the game.

Are there different kind s of guitars?

There are different types of guitars like acoustic, rock, and electric.

Can you use two rock band guitars with rock band Wii?


Will rock band 2 guitars work on rock band 1?


Can older Rock Band guitars play on The Beatles Rock Band?


Are the rock band guitars the same has rock band 2 guitars?

No, but they are very similar. The rock band 2 guitar has quieter buttons and is colored differentely, but it still has the Fender Stratocaster design.

What are some stylistic elements of rock?

There is a lot of electric guitars and guitars. There is normally vocal usage as well.

Why does daisy always speak in such exaggerated phrases?

Do you mean daisy from rock of love 2 and daisy of love?

Who is famous for using reverend guitars?

Kid Rock

Can the rock band guitars be used as basses?

Indeed they can.

Where do you get rock band guitars the cheapest?

The General Store

Do ps2 Guitar Hero guitars work on rock band?

the ps2 kramer (GH3) and the guitar hero 1&2 guitars work for ps2 rock band games

Can you use rock band 2 guitars on Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes you can. And you can also use guitar hero guitars for rock band. Trust me. I've tried.

Do rock band 2 guitars work with Guitar Hero?

no :(

Do Guitar Hero guitars work with rock band?

no they dont

Do Guitar Hero guitars work on rock band?

They don't.

Can you use Guitar Hero guitars on rock band?

yes you can :)

Will the ps2 or xbox360 work with the rock band wii guitars?


Can rock band guitars work on Guitar Hero?


Can you use the fake guitars for rock band 3?

probably not

Can you use two guitars in Lego rock band?