Are demons real?

Demons are spiritual concepts. They have no physical being and no material existence that could be measured or observed. Science cannot study demons. Demons cannot take on physical form and appear like the demon in Disney's Night On Bald Mountain or the Balrog in The Lord of the Rings, and they cannot harm people like in the movie The Exorcist. No one needs to be afraid of becoming demon possessed by touching an image or hearing certain music or saying bad words. So, no, in that sense, demons are not real.

But demons are spiritual concepts. In order to think about the bad things that happen, like dreadful sickness or ghastly crime, humans need some way to conceptualize abstract ideas that are very difficult. By imagining some sort of evil being, who causes terrible things to happen, a person can think and talk about that evil. Also, when a person does something they are ashamed of, they can blame that act on something or someone outside themselves ... or on something inside themselves that isn't really them. Sometimes the ability to think about something in this way enables the person to give up bad habits or addictions, to stop hurting others or themselves, and that is very good. So, yes, in this sense, demons are very real.

According to the Bible Demons are real. In Christianity demons are generally believed as fallen angels, formerly of God.

Answer Demons are just as real as people's fears, angers and hatreds. When I was a child, I was terrified that there was a demon in our dark basement. My fear was very real, and that demon was real to me. At some point, as I grew older and understood more about the presence of God in my life, I realized that the demon was not waiting downstairs in the dark. That demon inhabited the fear inside me. With God's grace, I rid myself of the fear and the demon troubled me no more.

Demons have no power other than the power we give them. Exorcisms are effective because they enable the distressed person to let go of the demon - the fear, hatred, anger or other sin that FEELS like bondage. Once the person lets go, the "demon" has no more power, and the person is free.

Answer Yes Demons are real. It says it in the bible, and the bible is nothing but the truth. Demons can attack you at any will.
Yes because exorcist story is about a young boy who got controlled by the deman

To a small child, demons are as real as Santa Claus. When you grow up you begin to realise that they are not real, just products of fantasy. There are people who still believe in demons and exorcisms, but that does not make them real.