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There are usually abusive to to their victims, but to others that they meet, they are very friendly and polite. They are not hostile to those who they do not wish to control. It is important to note that they may initially be friendly to their victim, only to become increasingly aggressive and abuser as time progresses.

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Q: Are emotional abusers nice to some people and abusive to other people?
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Does range word same meaning to abusers?

the people who abuse other people meaning beat them

Do animal abusers become murderers?

Probably not because animal abusers aren't killing animals, they are punishing them, because they are mean and they must of had something happen to them. Murderers are people who kill other people, not torture them.

If your significant other calls you names that refer to you as meat are you in an abusive situation?

Yes. If your significant other demeans you by calling you hypercritical or offensive names, that could be interpreted as emotional abuse.

Why you should not use abusive words?

You shouldn't use abusive words as they can offend or upset other people. You probably wouldn't like it much if someone used them towards you. You should respect other people's feelings.

Can you trust your boyfriend if he's mildly abusive and he's trying to do something about it and if you have children with him what are the chances that he'll be abusive to them?

The chances are pretty good, but if he is willing to get help and is activley seeking it, he should be able to stop being abusive. It is up to you if you are willing to stick it out and see if he does stop. You will both probably need some counseling; separate and couples. The chances are high. See the statistics - the majority of abusers abuse both spouse and children. Unless you know for sure he's seeking counseling (the only way to help control his abusive behavior) then don't buy it! Don't marry someone who is abusive and expect to have children with them because if they aren't getting counseling then their chances of ever having a normal relationship are nil! Be part of his so-called "changing" and try to attend any group therapy you can with him if it's available to be sure he is actively trying to get better. The percentages of abusive people getting better is not as high as some people would have you believe. Abusers often think it's other people's faults and if they are faced by their mate with the fact they will leave if the abuse doesn't stop the abuser will lie, promise the sun, moon and stars, but do little to help themselves.

Does an abusive person treat a new relationship better if the new person does what they say or want?

An abusive person tends to remain abusive unless they make a real effort to change. An abusive person will always be just that and no matter how much their new mate will agree with them they will still remain abusive. Abusive people either come from a family of abuse, something has happened to them in their lives that they are extremely angry at, and there is always a reason for the way they are. Sometimes it just comes down to the point that person is miserable and loves controlling their mate because they cannot control life in general. A relationship is about sharing each others dreams and opinions and the major one is respect. Neither mate should rule over the other, but share as best they can. It's a catch-22. Abusers despise submissive and obsequious people. But they also demand automatic and full compliance with their wishes and instructions.

What do you call people that take advantage of other people?

People who take advantage of others are often referred to as exploiters, manipulators, or abusers, depending on the context in which they are exploiting others.

What can make a man abusive?

Men (and Women) can be abusive (physically or mentally) for many different reasons. Most abusers were abused themselves: usually as children. Reading in depth psychological research could help further your understanding. Most abusive partners - in relationships- feed on hurting the other person and then making it "all better." This is a control mechanism. The one who hurts you is also the only one who makes you feel better. Most abusive people are insecure and damaged. If you are in an abusive relationship, it is best to get out. If you feel that you are unsafe and leaving would only make matters worse. Contact your local police precinct or call the national Domestic Abuse hotline. 1 800 799 7233 - someone can help.

Why do abuse programs say that an abuser must want to change before they can do anything when the whole point of an ABUSER program shoud be an environment that forces abusers to change?

View it as you would a person convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison. Why has the person stopped committing the particular crime? Obviously because he is forced to be in an environment that won't allow him to rob, rape or murder. It does not mean that once he is released, he won't chose to committ the crimes he did previously.An abusive person can be locked up, but will they stop being abusive once they are released? Probably not, and the abusive behavior can be worse than before, as the abuser feels increased resentment towards people he felt were "forcing" him to change. Unless a person is ready to admit they have abusive behaviors and that they are abusive towards an individual(s), they are not going to be willing to accept any kind of counseling on abuse or anger management, and they are less likely to feel guilt or regret over their abusive histories. Is counseling and therapy for abusers an ideal solution? Obviously not, as a great many abusers will never see their behavior as wrong or believe they are the ones that need treatment for it.AnswerThe point is (1) that an abuser must honestly recognize that he/she is abusing one or more other person, (2) acknowledge that it is wrong and (3) learn new patterns of behaviour. There's no quick fix - and in many cases there may be no solution at all, other than to leave them.

Emotional Abuse is Real Abuse?

Emotional abuse has been called invisible abuse because there is no physical evidence of it. However, if someone is calling you names, trying to control your finances and your time, twisting the words you say, treating you with no respect and other tactics common to emotional abusers, it is just as hurtful and wrong as if that person were harming you physically. If their actions repeatedly make you feel bad, it's time to stand up for yourself.

Why are men abusive?

first please realize that all men are not abusive. and second please realize that some women are abusive, although this is not as common. most abusers abuse because they had problems when they were younger. maybe they were teased, or beaten, or had a near death experience. some of them where just pushed to the edge and found a release. now others, however, just do it for the joy, and the pain it brings to them and the other person. its hard for anyone to truly understand what is going on in their heads.

How can you stop missing your abusive ex?

It is normal to miss someone with whom you shared your life. Try to remember the abuse episodes. It helps to counter the nostalgia. Think of when they hit you. It is possible that you are not "missing" the abusive/narcissistic ex, but rather you are grieving that the euphoric beginning period of the relationship will be gone forever. Narcissists and other abusers are famous for creating these "moments" in time; After all, it's a part of pretty much all personality disorders where abuse is involved to "split" the partners onto the "good" side; When the abuser's partner can no longer meet the abuser's needs, the unsuspecting victim is battered with emotional and physical violence unlike anything ever imagined; For some victims of abusers, this might be the first (or only) time that (s)he appeared to be adored by another person. Only after a lot of self-analysis and inner-revelations does the abandoned ex realize that it was all just a mirage. And that is exactly how can you stop missing your abusive ex; look to yourself on how and why you got into the relationship to begin with.