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Are emotionally abused wives outgoing and social or are they victimized and secluded?

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There is no single prototype of an abused spouse. Publically prominent people such as actors, politicians, and socialites have all been victims of abuse. Some victims have learned, as a coping mechanism, to put on a good front to the outside world. Even with obvious bruises or right after the abuser makes a rude comment towards them, they will smile and deny that any sort of abuse is going on. Even when the victim has a social life, she is still mentally isolated from other people--she feels she cannot admit to being abused out of fear or being seen as weak.

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What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

sexually physically mentally emotionally

If i get verbal abused and emotionally abused can i leave the house but I'm only 14?

yes. you may. i did.

How can a boy be abused by his girlfriend?

The same way a girl can be abused by her boyfriend: Physically; Mentally; Emotionally.

How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

Was Nicki Minaj abused as a child?

Nicki Minaj was abused by her father. Physically and emotionally, not sexually (as many rumor to be).

If you are 14 and you are being emotionally abused in Florida can you move out?

Go to the police.

How do you help your son who is being emotionally abused by his father?

they can help by geting them help

What happens to abused children when they get older?

it depends how they are abused. if they were emotionally abused they would probably be mentally unstable. where sexually abused people may be sexual predators them selves. and physically abused might be very unsocial or even violent themselves.

Was Drew Barrymore ever abused by her father?

Yes, But emotionally and ocassionally physically when she was young

What do i do if i am being emotionally verbally and now physically abused?

Get help immediately, because no one should go through all that.

Why are children physical and emotional abused?

Children are physically and emotionally abused for a variety of reasons. They can be abused by parents or guardians. They can be abused by children at school, they can even be abused by the teacher. All of the following reasons come down to someone not being able to control their anger in a productive manner.

What if the father threatens and physically abuses and emotionally abuses you?

That would mean you're being abused.

Why a person still can love someone after being emotionally abused?

they think that no ones going to love them and will be alone.

When is the best time to make a sincere apology to someone after realizing you have verb and emotionally abused them?

whenever you are ready.

Im a 19 year old female my Birth mother abused me Emotionally and I want to know if I can look for a new mom to replace her that will love me and give me what i truly need from a Mom?

If your mum abused you emotionally, I think the proper thing to do is to talk to her. Let her know how hurtful her action is.

Im sick of being emotionally and verbally abused how to you turn it around on him?

Leave and let him find another victim.

A professionals opinion on long term effect or physically abused children?

because i was a physically abused and emotionally abused child i was wanting to know the long term effect of it! i was hit in the head with objects, beaten! If anyone knows i would like to hear! thanks!

What are effective treatments for children who were emotionally abused and physically neglected by their parents?

For information, see the information in the related link below.

What happens to an animal when it is being abused?

it might get mental or emotional issues. It also might be emotionally stressed and run away or attack you.

What is the definition of domestic valiance?

I believe the word you're looking for is Domestic Violence. If not, I cant help you, but the definition of Domestic Violence is when a person is abused, mentally, physically, and emotionally, by their spouse/significant other. Most cases, the abused is the woman, however there are cases when the man is abused as opposed to the usual.

How can a child be abused?

Mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally, physically, and even legally if the system is used to abuse the child (eg visiting rights)

A child who is emotionally healthy?

if physically abused i learned that the chlidren are more timid and quiet,if in trouble they will panic because of what might happen at home

Was Jackie Kennedy abused?

Not physically, but emotionally perhaps (primarily with the tabloids and paparazzi, and likely in regards to the extra-martial affairs she had to deal with privately.)

What is the external conflict in the book a child called it?

"It" describes from his viewpoint about the severe abuse he suffered as a child. He writes how his mother was physically and emotionally abused him

How do you help someone that is emotionally abused by their husband?

Well, you should try getting to the police as fast as you can. Otherwise he will keep doing it and hurt the person.