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If they call to ask a question about your paper work or job, yes. If they call to see if you are home, no. A fine line here, but if they call and you aren't home you can always say you went to the drugstore or the doctor. How are they to prove that? They can't.

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What does without recourse to sick leave mean?

Not allowed to take sick leave, or to use the quota of days that are otherwise allowed for sick leave.

What sentence can use for word doctor?

The sick man asked the doctor to make a house call.

Who was the creator of paid vacation and sick leave benefits?

We will never know, since almost all US employers are tiny employers. Small employers do what they wish and can afford.

How can you provide care to the sick?

you can call a local hospice or even just pop around to an old lady or gentlemans house. You will feel like you are helping someone and that is how you can help the sick.

How many day allowed sick before a certificate is required?

How many days are you allowed off sick before a medical certificate is required

What do you call a hippo who thinks shes sick?

You can call a hippo who thinks she's sick a 'Sicko Hippo'.

What should i do if i haven't seen or heard from my boyfriend in days?

You should call him, or try going to his house. Maybe he's sick (so call first) DONT assume the worst :-)

What should you do if your mother is sick?

If your mother is near death, call 911. Otherwise, do what she asks you to do. And do what you can around the house to make her life easier.

I am going to my friends house and she just got over being sick will I get sick and you did too will you get sick?

you wont get sick

Is it possible to get sick when you call another person that is sick?

Do you mean when you call on the phone? Of course not; that makes no sense at all.

Does the law require small business to pay sick leave?

NO! It's a benefit of some employers.

Can you get unemployment if you call in sick?

No, you don't collect UI for calling in sick.

Can you get sick if you eat a house fly?

Well it depends on the fly if it is a house fly then you might not get sick but if its a out door fly you might get sick because it could carry a sickness.

How many hours do you have to work before your employer has to pay you sick pay?

Sick pay is unregulated. It is a gift from some employers, and the rules are whatever the employer says.

Who do you call when you're sick during pregnancy?

call your doctor

What do you call a hippo who think he sick?

A hippo who thinks he is sick is a wimp. This is a joke.

Should 16 yearolds be allowed to get tattoos?

no because they can get sick

Your gecko is sick?

call a vet

What do you do when your goat is sick?

Call a veterinarian

What to do if a rooster is sick?

Call the vet.

Is it by law employers have to give employees sick time off or peronal time off?

No, sick time and personal time off are a benefit that companies CAN give. It is not a law.

Can you get probation for calling out sick even whit a dr note?

Certainly. The rules for sick leave are decided by the employer and are unregulated. Employers need not accept doctors' notes.

How do you make your children call in sick at school without there grades going down on sims 2?

There is no option to call in sick to school.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sick Call - 2004?

The cast of Sick Call - 2004 includes: Michael Caradonna as Jimmy

What do you call a bucket that looks sick?

You call it a French Bucket or your face