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Q: Are footprints on the moon possible?
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What is the reason footprints are on the moon?

There is no wind, and barely any gravity so the footprints will stay on the moon for yyyyyeeeeaaaarrrrrrsssss.

Why there are footprints on moon?

there are not footprints on the moon the ground is very solid

How can there be footprints on the moon with no gravity?

There is gravity on the moon, it is just weaker than it is on Earth. There is fine sand on the moon. if you step on it, of course there would be footprints.

Footprints on the moon will never go away?

Footprints in the moons surface (so in the dust lying on the moon) will never go away because there is no wind on the moon to blow new dust over the footprints.

Why are the footprints of astronauts who walked on the moon in 1969 are still there today?

Because the moon has no atmosphere there is no wind or rain to erode the footprints.

How is it possible possible to use preserved dinosaur footprints to form hypotheses?

You can follow the footprints to find the quetzalcoatlus.

How have the footprints of neil Armstrong on the moon when there is no air on it?

If there is no air movement, then the footprints should still be there!

Are the astronauts footprints still on the moon?

I recall during the moon walks that the footprints were expected to survive for thousands of years; so yes.

Whether the footprints of human beings are still present on the Moon?

Oh yes the footprints left on the moon by the astronauts , will remain there for years or centuries. The reason is that there is no wind on the moon surface. So there is no chance of dust covering those footprints.

Is there still footprints on the moon?

NO there isn`t

Are astronauts' footprints still on the moon?

Yes, since the Moon has no erosion.

Footprints can be made on the surface of the moon as well as the surface of Earth. Why might this be possible?

before it said There is no gravity on the Moon, so it is very easy to make footprints well that ain't right, the reason is because the sand up on the moon is more pointier then the sand on earth so it stays together

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