Are gerbils mammals?

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A gerbil has fur on it and mammals have fur.

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Q: Are gerbils mammals?
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Are gerbils male?

...You are kidding, right? Gerbils are mammals; some of them are male, and some are, well, female. They reproduce the way mammals do.

Are gerbils vertebrates?

No , Gerbils have backbones therefore making them vertebrates.Gerbils, being mammals, are indeed vertebrates (they have backbones).

How are gerbils related to kangaroos?

Gerbils are not related to kangaroos in any way. They are both mammals, but that is where their relationship ends. Gerbils are placental mammals and members of the order Rodentia, while kangaroos are marsupials and members of the order Diprotodontia.

Do gerbils have feathers?

no gerbils don't have feathers, they have fur

Why are gerbils furry?

THey are mammals and they do shed their fur, but you won't notice it.

Do female gerbils bleed when they have their 'period' there was blood in my female gerbils cage i cant find where it came from and she seems to be fine?

Gerbils do not have periods as they are oestral mammals and not menstrual ones like us. Some oestral mammals have a bloody discharge, but not gerbils. What you saw was most likely to be a smear of porphyrins from a gland near the gerbil's eye.

How many gerbils are there in one breeding pair?

As with most mammals, two, a male and a female

Do gerbils see in colour?

Gerbils are not colorblind, but they don't see the range of color that humans do. Most other mammals can't see reds as well as people can, if at all.

Is a guinea pig a reptile?

No. They are mammals in the rodent family along with rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

Is a gerbil one of the Saharan desert mammals?

Yes. Gerbils are native to the northern Saharan desert.

How does gerbils reproduce?

gerbils are mammals, after they um.... mate.... they have their eggs inside them fertilized. soon the offspring grows in the mothers stomack, and they mother gives birth to it. just like humans

What do a gerbils look like?

They are small mammals that look sort of like hamsters except they have long tails.

Do small animals help you learn?

Yes, small mammals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils help you learn.

What is the behavior of gerbils?

Gerbils are known to be sweet, curious, feisty, and clever. They are one of the smartest mammals, if you work hard you can teach them tricks. They are not prone to biting their owner as long as they are handled properly and regularly. Gerbils are wonderfully social animals and actually have to live in pairs for life or they are prone to dying from depression. is a great site for the behavior of gerbils.

Is gerbils mammals?

well if anyone was stupid to ask that yes ofcourse they r impossoles :p r u dumb ?

Do mice have belly buttons?

Yes mice do have belly buttons. All mammals have belly buttons and mice are mammals.

Are gerbils rats?

No. Gerbils are not rats, they are Gerbils.

How do gerbils breed?

Gerbils are mammals and breed sexually. The male approaches and mounts the female from the rear. The female remains positioned on all four legs, while the male balances on his back legs, resting his upper body on the female's pelvis.

Are gerbils affected by rapid temperature changes?

yes gerbils tend to sleep more and maybe eat less but they are like all mammals they have a thick coat of fur and that keeps them warm but if u are worried about them frezzing then add more bedding

What is a collective noun for a group of gerbils?

Collective nouns for gerbils are a clan of gerbils or a horde of gerbils.

Which mammals start with the letter g?


Are kangaroo rats related to gerbils?

Kangaroo rats and gerbils are related, in that they are both placental mammals and members of the order Rodentia. However, they belong to different families, and occur on different continents, with kangaroo rats being found in North America, and gerbils being native to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Both inhabit desert environments.

Are gerbils diurnal?

In the wild gerbils are diurnal, but in captivity most gerbils are crepuscular.

Do boy gerbils behave better than girl gerbils?

Boy gerbils behave well with both girl and boy gerbils but girl gerbils do not mix well with other girl gerbils. Beware though when pairing girl and boy gerbils there is a large risk of them breeding!

Can anything live with gerbils?

Other gerbils.