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Are girls or boys better?


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2012-04-04 23:59:03
2012-04-04 23:59:03

I'd say they are the both the same. Boys are often strong, while girls are often pretty. Girls can also be strong, and boys can also be handsome. If they apply themselves they are the same in "betterness" {although that isn't a word}, and shouldn't be compared like this.


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Girls are WAY WAY WAY BETTER then boys

answerno boys are not better than girls because girls are smarter than the boys(noooooo!!!!)

boys are better drivers than girls

Boys are a lot better because girls think boys can't do anything they can do.

Boys are better than girls. Girls are better than boys. Each has its strong points and weaK points. Boys generally make better fathers and girls generally make better mothers.

Girls and boys are equals - one is in no way generally better behaved than the other. So, girls are not better behaved than boys. And boys are not better behaved than girls.

Girls are better than boys because they developoed faster than the boys did

i think boys are better- allthough the girls do do all of the work ;)

Boys are better than Girls and Girls are better than Boys.

Yes girls can love boys!It's better than girls loving girls and boys loving boys!

boys their even better than girls

There are some things that boys tend to be better at than girls, and some things that girls tend to be better at than boys. Viva la difference!

girls. they recognize it better and faster than boys. -summer

based on the study boys are better mathematicians than girls

teachers sit boys next to girls because it's a fact that girls work better when next to boys and boys work better next to girls

It depends on the boy. Boys can have different types of girls they like. Some boys like tom boys and some like girly girls.

I think it's tied.Some girls can sing some boys can sing.

there are sometimes boys are smarter, and sometimes girls are smarter. for example, boys are mostly better in math than girls. another example, girls are mostly better in art than boys.

boys have sharper memory as compared to girls

girls deffinetly boys are nubs

Statistically, at a younger age, girls are better than boys. Later in the teens, the boys become better. This changes for everybody.

Boys were treated differently than girls because in earlier days, girls did not have the same rights as boys. It was thought that boys were better than girls and therefor could do things better than girls.

Both girls and boys get good jobs . Girls may be better at some jobs more then boys and boys may be better some jobs more then girls but what sex you are wont effect ur job . OKAY

Boys cheat on girls and we hate it! But we both are smart...Girls get to dress pretty and boys wear plain clothes... We have a better taste in clothes.

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