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It depends on the girl. Some girls will cheat on you with a so-called male friend, while other girls can have male friends and be totally faithful to their boyfriends or husbands. It also depends on how often the girl is seeing her male friend. If every time you turn around her male friend is there, then it isn't good. Tell her right out how you feel. If she has nothing to hide there is no reason the 3 of you can't go out together once in awhile. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-31 07:21:40
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Q: Are girls sneaky when it comes to other guys they are good friends with?
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What to do when your friends are friends with girls you dont like?

My friends are friend with girls I don't like and last year the girls didnt even like the girls i don't like but now there like all bffs kinda and I use 2 be friends with 1 of the girls i don't like but shes kinda mean and the girls i don't like use 2 have friends but i think they got in a fight but there still friends but they just don't play with each other anymore, so how do I let the girls i don't like be friends again with the girls they use 2 hang-out with but the girls i don't like but who they use 2 be friends with i don't know them. i hate this girl who 1 of my friends like and my other friends like her to... what do i do?

How do you turn a guy down without hurting your friendship?

Just say that you only want to be friends and that there are other girls out there. Just say that you only want to be friends and that there are other girls out there.

Why does your boyfriend still wants to be friends with other girls?

If you mean plain, vanilla "friends" with other girls, not "boyfriend", there is not a thing wrong with that - he is a normal human being. If you don't want him to be even "just friends" with any other girl, the problem is yours, not his.

Can girls cuddle with other girls?

Yes. If they are close friends or lovers, sure. But don't go cuddling someone you just became friends with.

Do most girls like to talk to her friends abut her boyfriend's penis?

Some girls may talk to their friends about their boyfriend's penis, but it is not likely that most girls do. Usually girls talk about things other than that.

Do girls kiss each other?

if they are lesbians or good friends they do but if they are friends it is like a peck on the cheek

If a boy hangs around with other girls does that mean he still likes you?

I believe that boys can have girls as friends, but it is always nice to make sure they are JUST FRIENDS.

Can boys and girls be friends?

yes, i do think that boys and girls can be friends as long as you are aware of what you say to him, because he could get the wrong message. I'm friends with boys and trust me they keep secrets better than my girl friends do! All girls should have at least one or two good boy friends. they don't have to get serious with each other, but they could be just great friends that share lots with each other!

Is it weird that two girls cuddle hold hands and embrace each other?

No, it isn't weird. Girls can be very close friends with other girls. After all, they have things in common.

Do girls tell their best friends everything?

It depends. Some girls have best friends, but keep certain things to themselves. Other girls have best friends that know every single detail about them. It really varies from person to person. You can't count on much

What do you do if you feel your boyfriend is hangeing out with other girls?

ask him, or look through his phone. or the girls may b friends......

What do you do when you have a girlfriend but you want to talk to other girls as friends?

You, can talk to other girls, just get your girlfriend's trust first and when she trusts you, she won't care. Just make sure your relationship with the other girls isn't as personal

How do you say the cheetah girls are friends because they made a movie together so they are now friends in french?

their friends because they love each other

What do you do when you like your friends boy friend?

Try your best to forget about him. There are plenty of other guys. And, remember, guys come and go as they see other girls. But friends are friends. If you aren't really good friends, you can risk your friendship.

Do guys look at other girls while they have girl friends?

some guys do

You like a boy and you are friends but he likes a few other girls?

playa playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

What to do when your boyfriend's friends and my friends hate each other?

Your friends don't need to love them, just tell them to suck it up and ignore them when the time comes.

Why did anne frank think of her diary as a friend?

She called her diary "Kitty" because she had no girls her own age to be friends with or tell each other their inner most secrets as young girls do with their friends.

Is it better for a guy to be friends with guys or girls?

It all depends, because as guys grow older they become more mature and accepting of other things. Namely, girls. So basically, one has to decide for them self who they want to be friends with. I personally go for a little evenness (friends with guys and girls). Now if you want my opinion, being friends with girls have more pros than being friends with guys. But as a person, both are good.

Is is all right to be jealous when your boyfriend talks to other girls?

well no, if he is flirting with other girls and making a move then you should talk to him about it and tell him your not ok with him flirting or trying to make a move to these girls because your a couple, but if he is just plain friends with the girls and there is nothing going on then you dont need to worry. just to let you know most guys have friends that are girls, just because he talks to other girls doesnt mean something is going on he could be just friends with the girl, most people have at least 2-or more, friends that are the opposite sex so its ok dont worry to much, but if your suspecting something is going on then communicate, ask him if he's just friends with the girl or is he cheating, but most likely he's just friends with the girl.

Do boys like girls with blue eyes?

I'm a boy and I don't trust blue eyed girls. They're sneaky. I like girls with green or grey eyes. Hazel is the best. Brown eyes are boring.

How do guys want their girlfriends to be like?

boys want girls to act sexy to them but only them no other boy or apparently the girls are cheating on them. Boys want to girls kiss them in front of there friends but no flirting with no other boys

Is it weird for girls to carry around other girls tampons?

No, it's not weird for girls to carry around other girls tampons.If you carry tampons or other menstrual products for your friends - either spares from your own stash for your friends if they need them, or carrying tampons for friends if they don't have a bag - that's perfectly normal. Of course if you mean carrying other girls used tampons, that's not normal.

Does your male roommate like you if you cuddle together and enjoy each other and are best friends and understand each other in a deep spiritual way but he flirts with other girls?

Answer You said it. The two of you cuddle, are best friends can probably confide in most things, but he flirts with other girls because you are his best friend, not his girlfriend.

Are identical twins always friends?

It all depends on how they act with each other, say if they are friendly to each other then they shall get along just fine. But if they're sneaky or rude then the other will be too, this effect will soon target each other making them both long rivals.