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In my opinion, no. Sometimes people go through phases where they like to sleep around. Might be something they had to get out of their system. Say in college or something. The big thing is to find out if they've cheated in past relationships. That's probably a better indicator.


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Not all girls cheat on their boyfriends.

They flirt with you and then when you have sexual intercourse they may shout out ther other partners name

No!! Having two partners is cheating, and bisexuality is not an excuse to cheat.

a large percent of girls cheat on their boyfriends. it sucks, i know, but its life. if you find a girl that you connect with that doesnt cheat on you, dont let her go

Well, there are multiple reasons men cheat. -Obviously it could be they aren't satisfied with the sex -They could be insecure -They might not be committed -Also they may seek a variety in sexual partners

Some women cheat no matter what their sign is.

No why would toadette cheat on toad they are partners

Boyfriends Like The girls For who they are, Boobs, Nice A$$, And A girl That doesnt cheat on them, and that cares for themNice titts

As long as you are well hung and you are satisfying her sexually, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you are not well hung, she will eventually cheat on you.

no unless u do the same guys do that to get the pain outAnswerLikely as not he will. Cheaters are cheaters because they cheat, not because someone has done them some perceived injury. They cheat because they choose to. Keep in mind that in your question you describe the situation as "You boyfriend's wife..." He is already cheating with you.

For the same reasons some boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends; because they can; because they are self absorbed; devoid of feeling empathy regarding the feelings of hurting their partner; immaturity; some cannot commit to one man or woman.

every one has a different opinion but i think that boys cheat on girls. but i am a girl so boys might have a different opinion

What ever you do don't cheat on you boyfriend and it's OK, if you don't love your boyfriend, to tell him that you don't like him. But if you show them love both the same way or your boyfriends best friend more one of them or both is most likely going to be hurt. And in the end you can only choose one.

Several species of birds can cheat on their partners while they are not looking.

Yes, this happens frequently, at least in some species.

Ok, boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends, a lot. I've been a part of this and I know how this goes down. If your boyfriends goes out with his friends, chances are he'll want tell you he's going out because you probably tell him not to, but anyways he gets with these friends of his and there's always a few girls with a group of guys. Now if there's drinking and a couple of girls andyour boyfriend is around these crazy friends of his, there's a chance that he will cheat on you. I mean come on there's such a small chance they'll get caught. It's late, the girl's probably drunk, and their friends are not going to tell on them. It's as simple as that. Cheating is easy for guys to do. OR For the same reasons girlfriends cheat on boyfriends

i believe they are more likely to cheat because they don't feel any real connection to the person that they are with.

They either get a thrill from the cheating aspect, or they weren't feeling enough fulfillment in the original relationship.

trust in your boyfriend to be true t you, if you notice anything wrong, confront him and be straightforward with him

75 % of girls cheat on their boyfriends. Boys also do.....but they get exposed.

they fall out of love or are just stupid haha

Men have cheated for centuries because they can and in some cultures sex was for having children only and sexual relationships were not as open and fulfilling so men would find a mistress to have a sexual relationship with. Men generally have a higher sexual drive that many women and if they cannot have a fulfilling sexual relationship at home they will find someone else. However, in these modern times women are running a close second to men for cheating on their spouse.

because they probably think that the person they did it with like pressured them or something, so they don't blame the bf/gf for doing it ?! its stupid

Why Girls Cheat On Their Boyfriends:Girls cheat on their boyfriends for many reasons: not getting the attention they need, sex in the relationship does not satisfy them and to get even with the boy. If you think your girlfriend might cheat because you are not treating her the way she wants and needs to be treated, stop what you are doing wrong and do the opposite: send her flowers, buy her a small gift that she will really like, etc.Girls cheat because they do not have high morals. It is not your fault. Girls who cheat are self-centered and can not care for anyone except themselves. Leave her and if you have children, take them with you.If the girl is not being treated well or their sexual relationship is not good then there is that good old word 'COMMUNICATION' and she has the free will to confront her boyfriend with the problems she feels they have and leave without hurting him by cheating. However, the reason some girls cheat may be because they see their relationship coming to an end naturally and are trying to soften the blow for themselves. This is more likely to occur in a relationship that is around 2-3 years, rather that couples that are married with children.For the same reasons why boys cheat on their girlfriends. If you are wired to cheat, you eventually will. It is just a matter of time and right circumstances. If you are a pretty intuitive person, then you can judge if a person will cheat or not. Things like, weak will power, lying or doing behind someone's back especially if caught can be disastrous are the signs, which indicate whether a person will cheat or not. Just my opinion, ofcourse, take it with a pinch of salt She obviously thinks you suck as a man so let her live her life and be happy! If you love her and you 2 were meant foreach other then shewill come back.

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