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Most Israelites are Jewish. Their belief is similar to Christianity, but not the same. They believe in God, but they do not believe that the Messiah has come. They continue to follow the Law of Moses. They do not have a close relationship with God.

Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and that because Jesus came He created a path to God so that we may have a relationship with Him.

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Who did the Israelites worship?

God - Jehova ______ Jehova is a Christian term that is not used by Jews. We worship HaShem, the creator.

Why haven't the Israelites published a book of the Bible excluding the thirty books thought by some to be fictitious?

OpinionThe Bible is inspired by God and there is nothing fictitious about it.One possible reason is that many Israelites believe that the people spoken of in the Bible were not black people, but white people. Because of slavery, the Israelites were indoctrinated into the Christian religion. This religion was passed down from generation to generation until the Israelites no longer knew that the people in the scriptures were Africans. Christianity has created false images of God's people through paintings and sculptures and this has had a powerful affect on the Israelites. Even in today's world of knowledge and information, the majority of Israelites continue to allow themselves to be bamboozled by the Christian New Testament books. However, once the Israelites realise how the Christian religion has decieved them and reject Christianity in all its forms, it is highly likely that they will publish a book of scriptures that excludes all books that have been found to be ficititious.

What does the Israelites passage through the Red Sea symbolize for Christians?

Christians do not believe that the account of the Israelites passage through the Red Sea was merely symbolic, for a Christian, this account it true history. That said, what the account does symbolize/show is God's provision and his protection.

What religion were the Israelites?

The Israelites were what is now called Jewish. See also:Are Hebrews Israelites and Jews the same peopleWere the Israelites monotheistic

What is the israelites exodus?

the departure of the israelites from egypt

Who lives in Mesopotamia now after the Israelites?

The Israelites as such never lived in Mesopotamia. Abraham abandoned Mesopotamia before the Israelites grew as a nation. When Judea was captured and the population transferred to Babylon, the people had already begun to be called Judeans or Jews, not Israelites. The dominant population currently in Mesopotamia are the Arabs who are mostly ethnic Babylonians who have intermarried with ethnic Arabians and adopted their culture and religion. Mesopotamia also has a Kurdish population in the north and several Assyrian and Babylonian Christian minorities.

What did the israelites invent?

The Israelites invented the MAC 11.

How did the Israelites get the water?

The Israelites had to draw water from the well.

Who are the israelites of today?

The Jewish people are descendants of the Israelites.

What are the descendants of the Israelites?

What they are would be just that; descendants of the Israelites.

Do Christians have an animal god?

No. Since the time of Moses when he gave the commandments to the Israelites from God no animal god has been worshiped. This followed through into the development of the Christian church.

What is Torah and how did the israelites obtain it?

The Torah is the Holy Book of Judaism. The Torah is the Five Books of Moses and the teachings that Jewish people follow. Christians call the Torah the Old Testament. There are actually some differences between the Christian Old Testament and the Jewish Torah due to mistranslations in the Christian book, though. The Torah is said to have been given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai as the Israelites were fleeing the Egyptians.

Who was the leader of the Israelites?

The leader to take the Israelites out of Egypt was Moses.

Where did Moses and the israelites escape to?

Moses escaped to Cannon with the Israelites.

Who were the israelites in the Bible?

Israelites are the people of Israel, chosen by God.

What did the Israelites communicate using?

The Israelites communicated using Ambassadors.

How many syllables in the word Israelites?

Israelites has three syllables.

What covenant between God and the Israelites?

God offered the Israelites protection and a homeland. In return, the Israelites committed to follow God's laws.

Who's hand did the Israelites see?

The Israelites saw God's hand.

Were the israelites Christianity?

no they were Jewish or Hebrew. Israelites means "God's People"

Who conquered the land of Israelites?

babylon conquered and took many israelites

What religion did the Israelites study?

The Israelites traditionally studied the religion of Judaism.

What is the Christian Passover?

Passoveralso known as Pesach or Pesah (פסח pesaḥ), as a Christian holiday, was observed historically by a number of early Christians and is observed today by a small number of Christian groups.[1] Unlike the Jewish Passover which commemorates the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, the Christian Passover commemorates the deliverance from sin by the sacrifice of Jesus, the fulfillment of the prophetic Old Testament Passover. The Christian Passover begins on the evening of the 14th day of Nisan.See link below " Passover Christian Holiday"

What were the descendants of the Israelites called?

Descendants of the Israelites are called just that; Israelites. Since our Creator changed their ancestor's name to Israel, his descendants have always been Israelites, of course, also being identified with their tribe.

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