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Are memory foam beds safe for young children?


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September 12, 2011 2:27PM

I was wondering the same thing. MY guess would be yes as far as firmness goes. The seem soft bot aren't plush and cushy like a pillowtop, featherbed, down comforter, etc. What about chemicals though?

I would say no. I used to work in a chiropractic clinic and especially in young children I don't think memory foams are good for their spinal development. It really depends on how soft it is. If the child sinks into it too much and they have a tendency to slouch in certain area's, this will only craddle the issue, ultimately worsening the condition as they age. Where as if a child has a firmer bed, it can offer that child's slouching problem support. Ultimately lessening the curvature in the spine as time passes. Not to hard, not too soft... Simple :)