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It just depends on the individual. There are some that do and some that don't. There are some men that cheat because they cannot bear to see their wives doing dirty fantasies with them so they find someone else (or the wives won't do them), or men that do cheat because there is just nothing at home and it doesn't matter whether they have sex with their wives or not, then there are men that are in over drive and want their cake and eat it too and frankly lie to the wife and the mistress, and then there is the men that think they are looking for something better and in the process wreck what they wanted all along and had - the grass just isn't any greener.

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Q: Are men who cheat still sexually active with their wives?
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Is possible for a man still love his wife when he is cheating with a woman?

Yes, it is. Men will cheat on their wives for a lot of reasons. Most reasons are simple ones. They can still be in love with their wives and cheat sexually with some other woman (or man).

Why men cheat go back to wives and then still flirt and stare at the one they cheated with?

why men cheat,go back to wives,and still continue to flirt and stare at the one they cheated with

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Do men love their wives when they cheat?

idk exactly cause I'm not married. but from I've read it depends though. sometimes men cheat when they are bored of their wives but deep inside they sometimes still love em.ANSWER;Some married men do, but still it's not a strong love that can help them not to cheat. There are married men who are happy with their marriage and yet they still find themselves cheating and betraying their wives.

Why do men cheat on their wives when they are pregnant?

Men cheat on their wives when they are feeling unfulfilled, mentally and sexually. Some men are just narcissistic and enjoy the thrill of the chase and still feeling desired by other women. A man that cheats on his wife while pregnant will NOT be a good or responisble father and needs to be put out with the trash, at least until he can get therapy, and even then you should be hesitant about letting him back in your life.

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What percent of women cheat on their husbands?

14% of married women cheat on their husbands, compared to 22% of husbands that cheat on their wives.

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Yes, he cheated both his wives.

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