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Are microorganisms and bacteria the samething?


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Bacteria are microorganisms but not all microorganisims are bacteria. "Any organism that can be seen only with the aid of a microscope; also called a microbe."


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Bacteria compete with other bacteria and microorganisms by secreting toxins and antibiotic proteins.

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bacteria is the largest group of microorganisms.

They are relatively the same. Microorganisms could be diseases or good things. Bacteria could be diseases or good things.

there are 5 types of microorganisms. they are: bacteria fungi algae virus protozoa

The virus is the smallest of the microorganisms followed by bacteria, protozoans and worms

No because there are some good bacteria.No, not all microorganisms are parasites.

They are a bacteria that can cause disease.

mold, bacteria, and yeast

bacteria, mycoplasmas, molds

The three types of microorganisms are; bacteria fungi and virus

Bacteria and Yeast etc. are the microorganisms friends and foes of mankind .

There are many microorganisms that will decompose a whale. These microorganisms include bacteria that are found out in the ocean.

Unlike viruses and bacteria, there are a number of beneficial microorganisms. For instance, the living bacteria that resides in yogurt is known to be good for the human digestive system.

No. A microorganism is any living thing that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microorganisms include bacteria and a wide variety of other organisms.

Bacteria are a large domain of single-celled, prokaryote microorganisms.

Unicellular Microorganisms are generally classified as Bacteria. (See Prokaryotes)

Microscopic organisms are called microorganisms. Examples of microorganisms are bacteria, fungi, protists.

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bacteria, fungi, archaea, and protists

fungus, bacteria (sometimes) and virus. :)

microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses

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