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Are minks endangered?

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European minks are an endangered species in the Old World because of the introduction of their relative, the American mink.

European Minks

A trend in recent years has been the release of farmed minks into the wild by animal rights activists. The result of the introduction of the American Mink into the wild in Europe has been disastrous for the European Mink, who occupies almost the same ecological niche but is out-competed by the larger and better-swimming American species. Attempts are now under way to introduce the European Mink to islands too far from the continent for American Mink to swim to, in an attempt to prevent the species from becoming extinct. The endangered populations of European Mink Mustela lutreola have shown a large decline over 80% of their natural range and the species may be regarded as one of the most endangered mammals in the world. Although natural hybridization events between two native species is regarded as an exceptional event, Thierry Lodé found some hybrids, emphasizing that European Mink and European Polecats are able to hybridize and their hybrids were fertile.

The European mink is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. The endangered western population of European mink Mustela lutreola has shown a large decline over its natural range, though in Iceland the breed has grown rampant and is an ever growing problem, especially to river owners leasing it for fishing. The species has been extinct in central Europe since the beginning of the century and the mink's range is actually fragmented into two population units: an eastern population unit ranging from the Urals and Estonia to the Black sea, a population which is already subdivided into small units, and a western population. Inhabiting mainly forest brooks, the European mink occupies an intermediate semi-aquatic niche between the European polecat Mustela putorius and the otter Lutra lutra.

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Are white minks endangered?

No. White minks are only a domestic color phase of the mink, and, minks are not endangered.

How many minks are left?

Thousands. Minks are not endangered.

Are Minks endangered spices?

Yes. Minks are killed by predators for food and humans hunt minks to extinction for their fur and meat. Minks are also endangered because of habitat loss

How can people help endangered European minks?


How did American minks die?

well the minks are endangered species and a lot of people tried to catch this animal to sell so not all minks are dead in America only very few are left

Is the European mink an endangered animal?

European minks are an endangered species in the Old World because of the introduction of their relative, the American mink.

Which animals is endangered?

Dolphins,koala,cheetah,wales,minks,pandas,sea turtles,tigers.

Do minks migrate?

Minks do not migrate

Why are minks endangered?

Because of their fur; it is used to make fur coats which were extremely popular in the 1940's. Many of them were killed and obviously havent regained enough numbers for the species to not be endangered anymore.

Do minks have a tale?

Minks do, indeed, have a tail

Are minks herbivore omnivore or carnivore?

Minks are carnivores.

Can the minks be a home pet?

are minks a good pet NOOOO

Can humans eat minks as a meal?

do people eat minks

How tall are minks?

Minks can be 2 to 3 feet tall. that is huge.

Do minks have teeth?

yes minks have very sharp teeth and claws

How do minks mate?

Minks are mammals, which means they procreate through sexual intercourse.

Where do minks make their dens?

Minks make their dens in trees rocks logs and underground.

Are minks extinct?


Do minks hibernate?


Do minks live as a pair?

Minks are solitary and territorial animals, they are only together at mating season

Do mink travel alone or with one or more minks?

In the wild, minks are solitary and territorial animals.

How many minks does it take to make a mink coat?

55 minks to make one coat

Why are European minks endangered?

Because there population are dying they are being kill by people and by other animals .There homes are being teared down , there is only so much fresh water on the earth .

Where is Norka in Russia?

Throughout the European part of Russia, including in the south. There are a lot of minks at the mouth of the of the Don river, because they (minks) are tied to fisheries resources. Perhaps there are minks in Kamchatka.

Do foxes eat minks?

Yes, foxes do eat minks. The fox is one of the main predators of the mink.

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