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Are moose and elk from the same family?

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In Europe the name elk refers to the same animal as the North American animal called a moose. Both of these are common names for the scientific name 'Alces alces'. In North America, however, the common names elk and moose are two different species. Moose, as explained above, are 'Alces alces', while elk are 'Cervus canadensis'. Another name for 'Cervus canadensis' is wapiti. Both 'Alces alces' and 'Cervus canadensis' belong to the 'cervidae' or deer family.

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Q: Are moose and elk from the same family?
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What is a large member of the deer family called?

An elk. >moose

Is an elk and moose the same?


Are deer and moose in the same family?

Members of the Cervidae family include: White-tail deer, Black-tail deer, Moose, Caribou, and Elk are all in the same family. You can go to wikipedia and search all of those names to find out more information about them.

What has bigger antlers a moose or a elk?

A moose has bigger antlers. And it is also the largest member of the deer family.

What animals look like moose?

Most of the elk family resemble moose from a distance but Wapiti in North America are often mistaken for moose.

What is the differnece between moose and elk?

The moose and the elk are both part of the deer family. The moose is also the largest member of it. You can tell a moose apart by it's huge palpate antlers (on the males) and its bulbous overhanging nose. On the other hand, an elk is much smaller and more slender with branching antlers. A male elk also has a shaggy throat sack, but they do not have the bulbous nose that the moose has.

What is bigger a elk or a moose?


How is the moose classified?

A moose is classified as a member of the deer family and is the largest member. It is also known as the European elk in Europe.

Another word for moose?

elk, deer, wapiti North American moose are called elk in some parts of Europe and Asia. North American elk are also called called wapiti. All are members of the deer family.

Who would win an elk or a moose?


What kinds of animals do wolves hunt and eat?

r -Deer -Moose -Caribou -Elk -Rabbits -Birds -Deer -Moose -Caribou -Elk -Rabbits -Birds -Deer -Moose -Caribou rabbits deer moose caribou elk birdsDeer -Moose -Caribou -Elk -Rabbits -Birds

What name does Europeans give to the moose?

There's a breed of Moose that Europeans call an Elk. [see: European Elk (not Canadian Elk)]

What is the common name of a moose?

The common name for a Moose is Moose or Elk.

What is the plural word for elk?

One, two, or and entire herd, they are always referred to as "elk". (same with moose, sheep, caribou and deer)

A name for a moose?


What is the definition of elk?


Are elk bigger than moose?

No. Elk are only the second largest species of deer in the world. Moose are the largest.

How big was the Irish elk?

The irish elk was the size of a moose.

What is a moose called in Europe?

In Europe the moose is called an Elk.

What are the gray wolf prey?

caribou,deer,moose rabbit rodents

Are caribou and elk the same?

Caribou and elk are not exactly the same species but both are members of the deer family

Example of each level of organization?

Individualism- moose Population- two mooses Community- moose, deer, and elk Ecosystem- moose, deer, elk, flat plains

Another name for moose?

yak In Europe a moose is called an elk.

Is a elk bigger than a moose?


Can a moose mate an elk?