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It depends on your definition of "Worth While". Sure, you can take a test and become certified in your IT field, but will this cert mean anything to potential employers? Corporate businesses like Best Buy look at well founded program certifications, like CompTIA A+ certification. If you bring in a certification from NCSA, you may simply leave them scratching there heads wondering who you have been dealing with. But here is the flip side:

I own an IT business, and are A+ and Network+ certified. None of my customers have any idea what that means, they just like to know that Im a "Certified" technician (As if it really means anything anyhow). So what if I saved my time and money, paid 34 dollars for a NCSA cert, and told my customers that im a certified tech. They would be happy just the same.

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Q: Are national computer science academy certifications worth while?
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