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Are online college degrees worth it?

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There is nothing on my BS degree that says it was online. I received one in 2000 in Business Information Systems. Be aware that in many cases, it is harder to complete degree work online than it is by attending campus classes. You are working virtually alone and either you do it or it won't get done. One advantage is that you can do it at any hour of the day or night, depending on your schedule. Another advantage is that you don't have a drunken room mate distracting you.

I am currently enrolled in an online MBA in Finance through Benedictine University. I received my bachelor's degree from a prestigious state school. I attempted to complete my master's from the same state school. However, I wasn't able to continue making the commute and my schedule was not flexible to work around my work schedule. I then applied to Benedictine to finish up my MBA. I have found the education at Benedictine University considerably more challenging then my courses at the state school. I will receive a degree from Benedictine with no reference to having had taken the program online. Online is just as good as on-ground.

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List the most reputable online college degrees available.?

It's depend on your area. But there's a several online college degrees available, such as Western Governors University Online, Liberty University Online, and Virginia College Online.

Will I get a good job and it worth anything?

Online economics degrees generally teach the academic curriculum as real world colleges. However, real world college degrees are considered more reputable than online degrees. However, online degrees are more flexible and less expensive than real world degrees.

Where can one find more information about online college degrees?

Yahoo education is a very informative place to find out about online college degrees. Also check out your local colleges in your area; to find more about college degrees.

Is there a way that I can get my college degree online?

There are many schools that offer degrees online. Pick the college of your choice and check their website. You should be able to find the information on what kind of online degrees they offer.

Is Rio Salado an online college?

Rio Salado is an online community college that anyone can attend online. They offer degrees and are geared towards individuals who have the time for traditional college.

What colleges in Denver specialize in online degrees?

"Westwood College has a Denver campus and specializes in online degrees. Depending on what you want to study, the University of Denver offers some online degrees."

Is an online business degree as good as one from a physical college?

If you want to start a real career online business degrees are as good as ones from a physical college. Actually, majority of online degrees you can get from physical colleges.

Can I get help choosing an online college?

yes, you are able to get your college degree online. here is a link to a list of colleges that offer online degrees.

Where can I best take teaching degrees online?

The best teaching degrees can be obtained online at Carrington College and at the University of Phoenix. You can also try Heald College if you want even less of a challenge.

Does the FBI accept Criminal Justice degrees from Everest College Online?


Is an online college degree worth the paper it is printed on?

An online degree is just as valuale as a degree obtained at a traditional college or university.

Where can you get college degrees for life experience?

You can get college degrees for life experience from online universities such as Thomas Edison State College and Excelsior College. You can learn more about these universities and their life experience programs at their respective websites.

What schools offer online degrees in accounting?

The university of Phoenix is the gold standard for online degrees. Their college of business provides a number of different types of degrees, and their accounting group is highly acclaimed.

Is there any nutrition degrees online ?

Kaplan University has online Nutrition related degrees. The Global College of Natural Medicine also has Nutrition related degrees, if you are interested in a more holistic route.

Where can one earn a Degree online in California?

Degrees can be earned online in California through a variety of online courses and websites. Many colleges can offer online degrees so picking the right college is important.

Where can one get online science degrees?

One can get online science degrees through many different colleges and universities with their online programs that they offer. One may online have to attend the college for certain part of the course.

Where can someone find information about an online college?

You can find information about an online college from the eLearning website. You can find a school or browse available degrees and certificates on the site.

Is there a online college that offers several different degrees?

There are many online colleges with varying degrees. Phoenix university is a very popular type of school that is online and has many degree types.

What types of college course degrees are offered online?

The degrees offered depends on which college you choose to go to. Some online degrees that various colleges are offering are Business and Management, Engineering and Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Media Arts and Technology.

What does an online college program do?

Online colleges are meant for those whose family, work or some other reason keeps them from being able to make it to normal class. There are many programs and degrees one can get from an online college and the degrees they get are in no way second to any other graduates.

Where can one find a college that offers online web design degrees?

The following colleges offer online web design degrees: University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes, Full Sail University, International Academy of Design & Technology, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Vatterott College, California College San Diego, Eagle Gate College, Sessions College, and Bake College.

What online colleges offer a medical transcription class?

Kaplan university offers an online college degree for medical transcription. Another college that offers online degrees is the University of Phoenix. I hope this helps.

What are the best technology degrees online?

The best technology degrees can be earned online from schools such as Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and also the University of Phoenix and Heald College in California.

Is there any theology degrees school online?

There certainly are theology school degrees available online. For instance, you should check out the University of Phoenix and Heald College if you're interested.

Easy college degrees online?

College degrees have now become really easy to be achieved and earned with good grades. there are numerous online schools offering quality education in online college education with complete set of multiple online degrees in various domains and subject heads. It is difficult to get the precise information about multiple online schools offering certain degree programs so it is prefered to search for online resources which offer complete details of online schools. selecting an easy online collge degree is now easy because of these online resources because they offer complete details of online schools, online degrees offered in these schools and the online education standard which can be compared with any existing campus school.